Von Miller sex tape with Instagram model up for sale

Von Miller sex tape with Instagram model up for sale


Von Miller sex tape with Instagram model up for sale


Broncos linebacker Von Miller seems to be the latest victim in a money-grab situation by an Instagram model looking for her five seconds of fame.

Miller, who vacationed in Mexico during the offseason, reportedly had relations with Instagram model Elizabeth Ruiz, which she recorded. FOX31 Denver was able to attain court documents which indicate that Ruiz attempted to sell the sex tape back to Miller for $2.5 million, which certainly seems like extortion.

When that fell through, Ruiz went and tried to sell the tape to TMZ, as well as another website.  Miller’s lawyers are now petitioning to stop her from distributing the tape to other parties. They attacked her motives in a statement:

Ruiz has not achieved a similar level of success in her chosen career path, but she desperately craves fame and fortune. She is willing to betray Plaintiff’s trust and to shame and humiliate him to achieve her craven aims. Ruiz herself has stated that she wants “to be the next Kim Kardashian” and hopes to be catapulted to fame and fortune with a sex tape at Plaintiff’s expense and without his permission.

If you’re interested in what Ruiz looks like, here’s a photo from her Instagram.

Lawyers usually win out, and in this situation, they’re not wrong. It was a classic case of extortion by this “model.”

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