Gameday 16: Bright Lights, Dead City

Gameday 16: Bright Lights, Dead City


Gameday 16: Bright Lights, Dead City


Penguins (10-3-2) VS Washington (9-4-2)

Verizon Center, Washington, D.C.


An ode to the Verizon Center in June:


Hello darkness, my old friend

We’re not here with you again

The Cup’s a vision always fleeting

As the Pens won we were sleeping

In that vision we had planned a parade

That remains

Within the sound of silence

Last week the United States elected a new leader in Washington, D.C., and honestly it is about time because let’s face it, Alex Ovechkin isn’t getting it done. The last time we saw the Capitals they were watching a Stanley Cup banner get raised to the rafters, tonight they get to look to their own rafters and view all of the regular season participation awards. The Capitals should’ve received some sort of banner for winning the “Gullible team that thought T.J. Oshie wasn’t dogshit” award. The dude had one shining moment in Russia, in a shootout where he doesn’t have to play against a hockey team, and that’s it. “ohh but he has 6 goals already this year,” bite me. The guy has hit the 20 goal mark twice, he’s overrated, over payed, and overall a perfect player to be stuck in Washington rocking the red.

What a terrible slogan.

Have you ever considered that someone in Washington has had the following conversation: “Hey Dave what are you doing tonight?” “I’m rocking the red man, you?” Here’s the best red you can rock:



The last time these two squared off the Capitals came out firing, took an early lead, and then lost. Here is what we said in our recap:

“Thursday night was a reminder of how this rivalry usually goes, and it was GLORIOUS. The game itself was a microcosm of the Caps entire existence: Get really close to winning, blow it when it matters most.

In the end, the game played out exactly how it should have: The Caps were a threat, but it was the Pens night. Can’t wait for Washington to return home and raise a banner for attending a banner raising.”

Starting Lineups:


Kuhnhackl returned to the lineup last game, and unlike Scott Wilson he didn’t suck, so my guess is he stays in the lineup tonight. Sullivan may opt for Sestito however because the Capitals pay the piece of shit Tom Wilson to skate around. Really a toss up for who starts in net, Matt Murray played in the last game on Saturday night and was stellar, Jim Rutherford wouldn’t mind Marc-Andre Fleury adding a solid performance against Washington  to his soon to be traded resume.

Players to Watch:

For Washington:


You don’t really have to watch Niskanen or Holtby, this picture is just too damn good not to use.

For Pittsburgh:


Evgeni Malkin. It is often forgotten that Ovechkin and Malkin were in the same draft. The Capitals opted for one of the flashiest goal scorers to ever live, the Penguins had to “settle” for this guy. Here is something a lot of people don’t consider when they completely and wrongfully forget about Malkin (looking at you, Pittsburgh media).

Last 6 yrs:

Ovechkin (376 GP, 0.965 P/G)  |  Malkin (335 GP, 1.13 P/G)

And before you say that that is only 6 year’s worth, career numbers:

  Ovechkin (853 GP, 977 P, 1.145 P/G)  |  Malkin (659 GP, 775 P, 1.176 P/G)

 We’re done here.

Both of these teams have had decent starts to the season, and the Penguins get an advantage tonight by facing the Capitals in the second of a back-to-back (not that it would matter, see game 1 for proof). Washington was successful at blowing an early lead to Columbus last night eventually losing the game in overtime.The Washington faithful will be out in full force tonight acting like it is the Stanley Cup finals, and to be fair that is fine because most of them haven’t experienced the thing. Throughout the country there are multiple protests going on but the only worthwhile public demonstration in Washington this week will happen later tonight when Pens fans gather on the steps of the Smithsonian to remind caps fans how much their team sucks.

Let’s Go Pens



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