Mistakes Riddle the Eagles 

Mistakes Riddle the Eagles 


Mistakes Riddle the Eagles 


Philadelphia — Eagles lost in devastated fashion on Sunday by the score of 26-15 against the Seattle Seahawks. The game started off well as the Eagles were the first to score after an impressive drive lead by running back, Ryan Mathews. Mathews was however held out for the game after the second quarter with an apparent knee injury, but is likely to return this week against the Green Bay Packers on Monday Night. 

Backup running back, Darren Sproles was also knocked out of the game after being leveled on a punt return. Also worth noting, Sproles is also expected to return this week. Rookie, Wendell Smallwood stepped up in a way not many rookies would be able to with 48 yards rushing including a 18 yard burst. There is reason to be excited about Smallwood’s future with the team and expect him to get more carries as the year moves on. 
What the Eagles still need to find?
After watching the Eagles on Sunday you can see this team has talent, but at the same time there are still a lot of needs. The obvious need for the Eagles is receiver and that’s a no brainer. Jordan Matthews is considered the best receiver on the team and that’s by a wide margin. Matthews is a solid slot receiver and you can make the case that he is well above average, but when you expect your slot receiver to be the focal part of your offense you will struggle… mightily. Let’s say the Eagles finally find a receiver to replace the past gems in DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin, respectfully. The team will still need a workhorse running back since this is probably Mathews last year with the team if you look at his cap hit next season. Drafting a back or two in this year’s draft is something I would do and is something the Eagles front office should consider. That being said, we know what we have in Carson Wentz and that’s all that this season was about, to get Wentz’s feet wet in the league and we have seen him on the good days and on the bad. Just like every rookie quarterback they hit a wall. Don’t be concerned with Wentz. He should be the last thing this team needs to worry about. Instead worry about the weapons and protection he’s getting.
Mistakes… Mistakes… Mistake…
2015 first round pick Nelson Agholor continued his pitiful sophomore campaign on Sunday, but this time it has hit a rock bottom. Agholor saw two targets on Sunday one was a clear drop that would have gained nearly 45 yards plus and the other was caught for a meaningless two point conversion. The play that will haunt Eagles fans was on the 57 yard touchdown by Zach Ertz that was called back because Agholor failed to line up on the ball to cover up the left tackle. Before the ball was snapped you can see head coach, Doug Pederson yell at Agholor to move up, but the message failed to reach Agholor in time. Agholor spoke after the game in the locker room saying, “I just have to get out of my own head. I’m pressing so much and worried about so many things,”
Agholor’s struggles are finally being noticed as the team has signed preseason star, Paul Turner to compete for a spot and make plays. Not exactly sure if Paul Turner will be active on game days just yet, but he is officially on the active roster and is set to make is anticipated debut on Monday Night this week. 

How will the Eagles use their newest weapon? Find out on Monday. 
-Sean Brennan

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