The List of Pensblog - How You Doin?

The List of Pensblog - How You Doin?


The List of Pensblog - How You Doin?


Back with more for the list, yinz. It’s taking shape slowly and it is quite fun to do, so keep them coming in c-blog or with #TheListofPensblog. 

On to this weeks additions.

Steve Perillo – Remember his dad? No, no one fucking does. This commercial needs to stop. More of a personal annoyance, but god on a quad is it annoying.

ROOT Sports – This should have been done a lonnnnng time ago. ROOT Sports is the worst, and this was made obvious again during the 1991/92 reunion. Bob Errey and Phil Bourque were between the benches and well…ARBYS.

then the game returned mid-play. Dumpster fire.

Josh Getzoff – The new chosen one for the Pens radio pre/post game is the equivalent of watching the Browns while drinking hot sauce in a pool of acid. Not to mention, the less then fortunate last name….


There you have it folks, until next week…LGP.The List of Pensblog.png

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