Who is Pushing For Lance Dunbar's Playing Time?

Who is Pushing For Lance Dunbar's Playing Time?


Who is Pushing For Lance Dunbar's Playing Time?


There have been several hot topics this week, everything ranging from Dak Prescott, Jerry Jones’ comments, DeMarcus Lawrence, and Chaz Green.

But one topic that is gaining momentum is the playing time of Lance Dunbar. For whatever reason, the past two games the Cowboys have insisted on putting Dunbar in the backfield on critical 3rd downs.

Mind you, the Cowboys have been 2 for 24 on converting 3rd downs over the past two weeks.

Is it a coincidence the Cowboys are struggling on 3rd down? No.

If you watch the tape, you’ll see Dunbar struggle in pass protection. Defenders blast thru him, he’s too small. The Cowboys are not even using him, so why have him back there?

Have you seen his stats? They are absolutely abysmal. Check it out:

6 rushes for 11 yards

11 receptions for 83 yards

The Cowboys 3rd down strains land directly on the Cowboys coaching staff. He’s been unreliable in all phases – return game, running game, and passing game.

Who is pushing for Dunbar’s playing time and why?


Is it Gary Brown, Scott Linehan, Jason Garrett, or some directive from Jerry Jones. A small cog missing can be just enough to affect the running game, and that missing piece may be Geoff Swaim. Since his injury, the Cowboys have been getting too cute on 3rd downs, and they tried Dunbar heavily the past two weeks and it has failed miserably.

Does this team need a legitimate fullback? We’ve seen the Cowboys even add  Looney in in heavy packages and that did not go that well.  For all these reasons, this could be why we are not seeing the 3-down Ezekiel Elliott who is capable of doing the job, and the Cowboys are compensating with these useless Dunbar packages.

The Cowboys pride themselves on making decisions collectively, so we have to hope in this next game we’ll see less Lance Dunbar, a lot less. Right?

As unbelievable as it may be, some are predicting that Alfred Morris will be the running back deactivated. Can you believe that?

Even DallasCowboys.com’s Bryan Broaddus is predicting the same.

  • After he was added to the 53-man roster on Tuesday, I think Darren McFadden will play a significant role in the game. I expect to see McFadden not only give Ezekiel Elliott limited breaks with the first offense but snaps in the nickel, as well. In talking to various staff members, they have no concern about McFadden’s game conditioning and are comfortable with his role in the game plan. Look for Alfred Morris to be the odd man out Sunday on the inactive list. (Broaddus, DC.com)

I’m with Bryan on Darren McFadden, he should have a significant role and I hope that role is taking over 3rd downs instead of Dunbar. Defenses know Dunbar is a ZERO threat running the ball, so they can play the pass and shutdown the passing game.

The Cowboys have not been putting themselves in good down and distance which is really hurting the passing game on 3rd down. Zeke should be in the game on 3rd down. You always hear draft analysts talking about backs being a 3-down back and how you do not take those types of backs off the field.

Emmitt Smith was a true 3-down back and to me, that kept the offense rolling. That threat from the backfield was ever present. So, when the Cowboys take Zeke out on 3rd downs, that is one less playmaker on the field — not good.

Garrett mentioned some changes would occur offensively, but would not divulge those changes, which is the right thing to say. Let’s just hope there is something different on 3rd downs. Keep Dunbar off the field.

What do you think? Which running back should not be active for Sunday Night Football? Take the poll below.


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