Week 15 Daily Fantasy Sports Prep

Week 15 Daily Fantasy Sports Prep

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Week 15 Daily Fantasy Sports Prep


For most leagues it’s the semi finals and for daily fantasy it’s just another week. This is the second to last big article of the year and we have some decent matchups. Some better than others and others more fantasy friendly than most. The Browns may not win a game this season but they also won’t go down without a fight. Rg3 getting into some rhythm but he is still not a viable DFS option as well as any receiver. Crow is the only viable fantasy option and even he has a low ceiling. This is a big game for 2 people; Sammy Watkins and Lesean McCoy. Expect 100 yards for each. 
So with luck comes, yet again, Andrew Luck. He doesn’t have Moncrief. He doesn’t have 3 starting O-lineman. He doesn’t have a chance. I am serious. I would not start Andrew Luck in any format this week nor Frank Gore. Vikings Defense is good enough without going against a banged up offense. Again. SIT THEM ALL. This game could be a blow out especially if the Vikings running game shows up. Oh what is that? Adrian Peterson is back?! This is the perfect matchup for him to come back and honestly I think this will be a blow out. Good luck, Luck!

Matchups this week has division written all over it. Packers Bears isn’t as great as it could’ve been but I guarantee the Bears defense will be tough. This is a Davante Adams and Randall Cobb game so enjoy the receptions. Alshon Jefferey is back and honestly I don’t see anything for him. Meredith is another story. Between him and Jordan Howard they both could have a nice day but mostly Jordan. He will be in a lot of my DFS lineups. The Cardinals dropped Michael Floyd and his makes Jj Nelson even more of a tasty pickup. Speaking of drops… why are people still holding onto Carson Palmer? For me is was droppable weeks ago and the only true viable standouts are DJ, Jj Nelson(boom or bust) and Jermaine Gresham. Sleeper and complete safety valve because Fitz can only do so much. Drew Brees I am steering clear from. There’s something wrong with him that I brought up in a past article and I think his shoulder is banged up. Obviously it’s just a guess but he doesn’t look the same. If you have another option I’d start em. 

My favorite matchup this week is Pats vs Broncos. No idea how this isn’t prime time. The top 3 defense vs the top 3 QB if not top QB. This will be a Blount, White, Lewis heavy game I guarantee it. On the other side? Booker is awful, Siemian is more than serviceable, Sanders and Thomas are studs. Absolute studs. If you have to choose between the two Sanders has the highest upside especially in PPR leagues. Derek Carr is an MVP candidate but I would steer clear. His finger is obviously hindering his abilities and thus it hurts a banged up Crabtree(drop king of the last few weeks)and Cooper. They should rely heavily on Murray who’s been a stud. Rivers will be a stud this week and his favorite target will be a top 10 wideout. Tyrell Williams. He’s cheap in DFS and will have a solid day. 

Here’s my sleeper stars of the week:

Ken Farrow – He’s going to be a workhorse and will be going against one of the worst run defenses in the league. I expect the whole offense to do well. 

Giants defense – They have been outstanding and are facing a broken quarterback who will soon be mentioned below. 

Spencer Ware – Not really a sleeper but this is a great matchup for him. He will be in most of my lineups and should be in yours. 

Big dawgs to sit of the week!!!!

Matt Stafford – Like I said before. He’s broken. He’s dislocated his finger on his throwing hand and was visibly annoyed in practice. Also being against a top defense right now is the last thing a fantasy owner would want. 

Allen Robinson – He’s been a disappointment thanks for Bortles but he’s still a top receiver(in talent terms). Regardless of QB he is against some of the most underrated cornerbacks in the league on the Texans. 

Everyone on the Falcons offense – They are against the toughest defens- hahahaha! Sorry I had to throw a little humor in there. 

Bold prediction of the week!

Bears hold the Packers to under 18 points. Bam!
Until next week! 

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