tBBC Fan Post: Lindsay Kurpes

tBBC Fan Post: Lindsay Kurpes

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tBBC Fan Post: Lindsay Kurpes


We welcome Lindsay Kurpes to tBBC fan post realm. Join us in our excitement of her first go at writing other than tBBC Fans Interact with her BSU friends! From her twitter bio  – Buckeye girl married to my BFF in SEC enemy territory. Buckeyes all day every day, my pro teams are all DET…don’t judge me blame my daddy 🙂  Here’s to seeing more of the #BSU in the coming days.


That Football Time of Year

By: Lindsay Kurpes


The most wonderful time of the year makes one think of December, but not in the state of Ohio. For us, it is the end of August or the beginning of September when “The Best Damn Band In The Land”, lovingly known as TBDBITL, marches across the field and ushers in the mighty Buckeyes. A mob of scarlet and gray consumes the field and captures the attention of the crowd, screaming and cheering on their team.

The streets of Columbus are strewn with fans and students proudly displaying their best scarlet and gray game day attire. The smells of hotdogs and hamburgers take over Lane Ave where the tailgaters gather as part of Buckeye Nation and show their solidarity. The sounds of “Hang on Sloopy” fills the air and has fans stopping what they are doing to do the appropriate O-H-I-O. It is tradition and it runs deep with fans of The Ohio State University, a place where football rules the day.

Parents bring their sons and daughters for their first college football game experience, proudly sporting their new jerseys or cheerleading outfits, waiting for a chance to see their favorite player and sing along with band. Depending on the season, you may hear the deafening chants of “ZEKE”, “BOOM”, “Nuge”, or see someone hit a “Bosa Shrug”. Saturday after Saturday the shoe is filled to capacity with fans who are there to show the country that we take football and our Buckeyes seriously.  TBDBITL takes the attention at halftime and puts on a spectacular show, whether it pays homage to Michael Jackson or Harry Potter, their precision and technique will leave you in awe. Their shows are shared across the country so everyone knows that they live up to their moniker.

There is always a battle across the conferences as to who truly are the best college football fans; is it the ACC, the SEC, or The B1G?  I will say, as a proud Midwesterner who has lived in the South for the past 1o years, as much as the South loves their college football, it most certainly reigns supreme in the Midwest. This is especially true in the great state of Ohio, because no matter where you are, whether it be the far north of Toledo or the deep south of Cincinnati, if you say O-H you will receive an I-O!

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