FINAL RECAP WITH HIGHLIGHTS: Warriors (25-4) With Another Blowout, This Time The Utah Jazz (18-11), 104-74

FINAL RECAP WITH HIGHLIGHTS: Warriors (25-4) With Another Blowout, This Time The Utah Jazz (18-11), 104-74


FINAL RECAP WITH HIGHLIGHTS: Warriors (25-4) With Another Blowout, This Time The Utah Jazz (18-11), 104-74


ORACLE ARENA, OAKLAND, CA — This is a continuation of the halftime recap of the Utah Jazz at the Golden State Warriors.

The Warriors took a 55-33 lead into halftime.

Q3: Pouring It On

Kevin Durant got a jumper and layup assisted by Stephen Curry to start the third quarter, but Joe Ingles countered with two triples.

With 8:55 remaining, Curry anticipated and stole a pass, then went coast-to-coast for the righty scoop.

Ingles missed from distance, Steph got the rebound instride, then weaved his way to the right arc for a pull-up trey, getting trampled by Dante Exum in the process, although there was no call:

Curry pointed to the ref on the way back on defense, to no avail. In fact, Steph was probably lucky he didn’t get a technical.

Jazz head coach Quin Snyder took a timeout with 8:22 remaining as the Warriors lead stretched out to 64-39.

Even #DubNation was splashing, during the timeout, as a fan won $5,000 on a halfcourt banker:

Out of the timeout, Durant got a nice crossover dribble to go past Boris Diaw, then faded away on Rudy Gobert for a bucket.

Later, after Curry and Gordon Hayward traded dribbles, Andre Iguodala attacked in transition and fed Zaza Pachulia, who then found Draymond Green for a dunk:

After Trey Lyles hit Pachulia in the face on a dribble drive for a charge, JaVale McGee checked in for Zaza and promptly became the recipient of a Draymond lob in the lane.

With 2:58 to play, the Warriors held a 75-46 lead.

After Joe Johnson drilled a trey, Steph answered back with his fourth of the night, then McGee got another dunk on a lob by Patrick McCaw:

Lyles traveled, and Iguodala fed JaVale for two more inside the paint on a deep seal, spinning for the impressive banker with 30 seconds to go.

Shelvin Mack capped the quarter with a runner, and the Warriors went into the final frame with an 82-54 lead.

Q4: Treymond, Clark Falls Hard

To kick off the fourth quarter, Draymond hit two triples in a row, the second of which was on some interesting ball movement…

…but then the Warriors went into lackadaisical mode and Utah backup point guard Raul Neto stole an inbound for a run-out layup, with Warriors head coach Steve Kerr calling timeout due to the sloppiness, but with the Warriors still way ahead, 90-60.

Later, Kevon Looney checked in for Durant, and Ian Clark for Klay Thompson.

Anderson Varejao also checked in, to some nice applause from #Roaracle, for David West with over seven minutes left.

Clark took a hard fall on a drive against Ingles, but after a timeout, seemed to be okay as he shot the free throws and continued play. However, he later came out for McGee and went to the locker room to get looked at by the trainers.

Third-stringer Joel Bolomboy of the Ukraine even checked in for the Jazz, marking the second straight game that the Warriors faced a Weber State University alum (the other being Damian Lillard in Saturday’s win against Portland).

The final score ended up being 104-74.

Curry led all scorers with 25 points on 8-for-13 shooting, 5-for-9 from downtown, while Durant added 22 points on 8-for-14 field, Klay chipped in 17 points on 8-for-13 from the floor, and Green notched 15 points, 11 rebounds, 4 assists, and 5 steals.

Joe Johnson led the Jazz with 14 points and three players tied for 11 (Gobert, Ingles, and Lyles), with Gobert collecting 16 rebounds in the process, but Utah’s starters combined for just a paltry 25 points. Exum didn’t even take a shot until the fourth quarter.

Golden State (25-4) will fly to the East Coast on Wednesday for a three-game road trip to Brooklyn, Detroit, and the Christmas Day game in Cleveland.

By giving up just 74 points, the Warriors defensive rating now ranks second in the NBA.


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