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About the Giants Cove

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About the Giants Cove


Welcome to the San Francisco Giants 2020 season.  And to The Giants Cove.

The Giants Cove reports on the San Francisco Giants 24 hours a day 7 days a week (except days that begin with an “S”, a “T”, or an “M”).

Take a sniff…

You will discover that The Giants Cove exudes a scent much like the fresh cut grass at Oracle Park, and is as affordably refreshing as the Park’s generous $32.00 six ounce cup of Anchor Steam.

The Giants Cove is Richard Dyer, proven by severe medical probe testing to eat, breathe, and exude Giants baseball and MLB erudition.

You will be getting the exuding part…

Bottom line: When it comes to baseball, The Giants Cove has got you covered.
(Note: a little soap and warm water should remove most of that.)

As the late great Yankee legend Yogi Berra might have put it,
“I welcome the 2020 season with one word:  bring it on!”

During the off-season I was focused on conducting my usual rigorous workout regimen— glancing briefly each morning at an expensive set of free weights in the garage, and eating a strict diet of pre-packaged Oreo-based meals covered in a thick maple syrup.

But I am now ready to face the 2020 season which I expect will either be, 1) a pleasant distraction to the vagaries of life; or, 2) a raging hellscape of melting bullpens and opposing team home runs.

Rebekah Dyer

With The Giants Cove everybody wins:
> At the Giants Cove we are bonded with the Giants’ historic franchise and a mandate to create sustained excellence.

We do not bond with whoever happens to be in the Giants front office or which players are on the field at any given time. And we won’t stand for occasional success.

> For Major League Baseball aficionados The Cove is a welcome place to find thoughtful discussion, drive-by analysis and metric-flavored excitement about every aspect of Major League Baseball.

> And the Giants front office staff will continue to duck in and out the side entrance of Oracle Park on 2nd Street, reacting to The Giants Cove the way Jerry Seinfeld reacted whenever he saw Newman.

Posting “Comments” on The Giants Cove

I love Giants fans and anyone who loves baseball and thoughtful discussion about the game.

So let’s discuss, give strong opinions, sharply criticize, completely disagree, and question. But all within the context of having respect for each other.

It’s embarrassing that some commentors feel their opinions need the additional help of stating that whoever they disagree with is “stupid”, or the other person’s opinion is worthless. That kind of school yard mentality is not only demeaning it’s really boring.

Finally, there will be no gratuitous, indulgent, smarmy self-promotion allowed. Only I get to do that.

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