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Here’s your chance to get to know the staff behind the scenes at, your internet home for all Angels fans. You won’t find an All-Star roster like this anywhere on the net.’s work over time has appeared or been heard on the following outlets: XM/Sirius, USA Today, ESPN,, “Under the Halo” – Angels Historical Book, MLB Network, FSW telecast,, Fox Sports Fantasy Baseball Magazine, MLB Trade Rumors, Japan Times, Mainichi Daily News, Washington Post, AP News, NESN, LA Times, Orange County Register, Press Enterprise, AM 830, KNX 1070 and Yahoo Sports.

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Without further ado, here’s our winning team’s Sick Lineup…

Chuck Richter

Founder, Executive Editor

Chuck became an Angels fan some time in 1978, when he was eight years old. His step-dad, Robert Holmes, would always look for an Angels game to put on the radio when they were in the car driving around, in the garage working on the car or outside doing yard work, if the game wasn’t on television. Richter became familiar with the players that year and in 1979, when the Angels won their first pennant, Chuck became a lifelong fan. From that point forward, there weren’t many Angels games he missed on either the radio or television. Chuck’s three favorite players of all-time are Chili Davis, Tim Salmon and Vladimir Guerrero.In February of 2004, Richter launched, and slowly over time it took off. In 2005, he was interviewed on popular news radio station KNX 1070 to share his thoughts on the name change, as was selected to be “The Voice of the Fans”. Chuck was brought back a year later when the Angels were officially named ‘The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.’ In 2006 most if not all regular members of the Angels ESPN message board decided it was time to have their own home for Angels Baseball and moved over to for good. A year later, longtime members from the Angels Official Website Forum took notice and they too migrated over to and from that point forward, with many more to join later, has become known as — the internet home for Angels fans. Another pivotal point in the success of was during their 2009 Summer Fanfest, when VP of Communications Tim Mead granted Chuck Richter a press credential for Since then, Chuck and several other writers have been to the ballpark, in the clubhouse, dugout, field and press box covering Angels Baseball, esteemed as a member of the media. According to Tim Mead, was the first fan-site run operation to achieve this respected credential by the Angels.

On a personal side, when Chuck is not spending time with his friends, family and dogs, he’s perusing baseball stats, Blogging about Angels Baseball or involved in discussion at, Facebook or Twitter. After living the first 35 years of my life in Southern California, Chuck moved to the Pacific Northwest in 2005, just 25 miles east of Seattle, on the Snoqualmie River. Chuck loves cooking and grilling outside in the summer. He also enjoys outdoor activities, such as hiking and water sports, including one of his favorite activities of the year, an annual river float party in the summer. As far as work outside of, Chuck is a technical customer success manager for a well known company in Seattle, WA.

For more on Chuck Richter and the website check out our About AngelsWin section.

Adam Dodge

Senior Writer, Satire

Adam Dodge is senior most writer and contributor to Currently, I’m the director of sales, marketing and operations for an Irvine-based Human Resources firm. I’ve been fortunate enough to chase many dreams through the years, having received football scholarships to both Kent State and NW Missouri State Universities. Performed stand-up comedy in southern California for several years last decade and enjoyed guest spots and multiple hosting opportunities on Angels Radio.

Adam’s primary objective is to make every moment of every day as fun and enjoyable as possible. He and his wife Michelle are expecting their first child sometime this August and he vows to be completely objective about his child’s appearance. “If my baby is ugly, I’m telling everyone that my baby is ugly.”

David Saltzer

Senior Writer, Minor League Analyst

David Saltzer is a high school history and science teacher and a lifelong Angels fan. His first Angels game came in the mid-1970s and he has been going ever since. He was with the team for the post season run in 1986 and for every post-season game in 2002. He was even one of the few die-hard fans remaining in the stadium to see Dick Schofield’s grand slam against Detroit on August 29, 1986. His favorite moment with the team, though, came at the start of the 1986 season when he threw out the Opening Day pitch to Mike Witt in 1986 representing the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation.As the Senior Writer for, David covers the Angels from multiple angles, trying to find the stories and issues affecting the team. He covers the Angels Minor League teams as well as the parent club, and enjoys watching the players develop through the system. He writes a separate column for the giving his take on broader events affecting the game of baseball. When he is not at the ballpark, he can be found with his wife Robin and his three sons.

Rob Goldman

Historical Writer, “Once They Were Angels” Author

A native Californian, Robert Goldman’s ties to the Angels go back more than three decades, and include stints as a team batboy in the mid-seventies and visiting clubhousee attendant. Goldman played baseball at Mendocino college, and graduated with a BA in Theater Arts from Sonoma State in 1988. He has acted in several films, including Dances With Wolves, JFK and Overboard.Goldman is the co-writer of the NBATV documentary Skywalker: The David Thompson Story. Once They Were Angels was Rob Goldman’s first book, and he worked with Tim Salmon to help write Always An Angel – Playing the game With Fire and Faith. Goldman resides in Thousand Oaks, California. Rob also plays the Dodger’s first base coach in “42,” the upcoming feature on Jackie Robinson.

*You can purchase Rob Goldman’s book “Once They Were Angels” here.

Geoff Stoddart

Director of Social Media

Geoff Stoddart is a senior partner marketing and enablement manager for a global technology company. In addition to his role on the Board of Directors, Geoff serves as our Director of Social Media and Co-Host of the popular Internet Podcast. His humorous and lighthearted approach to tweets and status updates continues to drive awareness of our site and expand our user community. His talents were recently recognized by the Orange County Register as Geoff won the first half of the 2012 #AngelsFamily Twitter Contest.

Growing up, Geoff’s family was Angels season ticket holders from the late 70’s to early 2000’s. He was fortunate enough to witness such amazing events as Reggie Jackson’s 500th home run, Rod Carew’s 3,000th, the Langston/Witt combined no hitter, Wally World and of course the 2002 World Series Championship run. Today Geoff lives in Fort Collins, CO with his wife Tracy and their three boys.

Robert Cunningham

Columnist, Feature Writer

I had two passions in my early teenage years: Baseball and Astronomy.

Growing up in Santa Maria, California, my parents and brother exposed me to the Angels and Dodgers through field trips to Los Angeles to watch the games. In the early 80’s, however, I developed an affection, and, subsequently, lifelong love for Angels baseball that has lasted over the years till today. My Angels heroes include, but are not limited too, Brian Downing, Doug DeCinces, Bobby Grich, Mike Witt, Wally Joyner, Dick Schofield, Chuck Finley, Garrett Anderson, Tim Salmon, Scot Shields, Darin Erstad, Troy Percival, Vladimir Guerrero, Chone Figgins, Jered Weaver, Mark Trumbo, Torii Hunter, Dan Haren, Hank Conger (my avatar is baby Hank), Peter Bourjos, and, of course, Mike Trout! Angels players have been, and continue to be, important milestones in the journey of my life and I am thankful for the many kind memories that baseball continues to share with me to this day.

But back to my two passions, one of which died in 1987. I had decided to try out for the freshman high school baseball team, as a carefree, extremely impressionable young man…. It didn’t go well.

Coach Moore informed me after a week of try outs that I had been cut. As an experience that many of you are familiar with I took the rejection pretty hard. Perhaps I just didn’t have the talent but, without the discipline and perseverance that I developed later in life, that dream died that day. Coach Moore must have felt bad because he gave me an ‘A’ in my physical education class, that semester, that I really didn’t deserve. Ultimately, however, he did do me a favor that day by exposing me to some adversity and pushing me to my eventual pursuit of my other passion, astronomy.

Although I took a very long and circuitous route to get there I graduated in May 2010 with my Master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering and completed a long 20 year journey through the, sometimes murky, waters of life and can proudly lay claim to being a rocket scientist! Over the last five years I have worked for the U.S. Air Force at Space & Missile Systems Center and currently work for Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems in an engineering capacity. I live in Los Angeles, CA and in my spare time I enjoy “pwn’ing noobs” in computer games, watching Angels baseball, enjoying life with my wife Firozeh, playing with our “babies” (the Shi-tzu, Pomeranian, and Chihuahua) and writing part-time about my favorite Angels players for under the handle ‘ettin’.

Ellen Bell

Columnist, Feature Writer

Ellen Bell is an author, local historian, and a life-long baseball freak. For the past four seasons, she has written the Afternoon Angel Blog for where she has covered the game from the fan perspective. A Spring Training Veteran, Ellen and her son haven’t missed a March in Tempe for more than a decade. He used to share her peanuts. Now he wants to share her beer.

Ellen learned about baseball in the bleachers of Wrigley Field. She still bleeds Cubbie Blue which complements her Angel Red quite nicely. The only time she feared her dual allegiance might be challenged was in the 2008 season when both the Cubs and the Angels began the postseason in first place. Unfortunately, she didn’t have the chance to choose.

She’s also a contributing writer for Orange Coast Magazine, OCFamily, and Destination Irvine. She writes about local adventures as the OC Day Tripper for

Ellen lives in Irvine, with her husband and their two, almost-out-of-the-nest children.

Scotty Allen


Columnist, Minor League Analyst

Scotty Allen is a prospect blogger for and dad/husband/teacher/coach in real life. Most of the time you’ll read him rambling on about guys you’ve never heard of, but will be prominent names in the future.

Scotty formerly worked as a scout and uses that background in analyzing prospects.

Glen McKee

Columnist, Satire

I started rooting for the Angels in 1979 because I was tired of the Southern California sportscasts being a Dodgers love-fest and wanted to root for an underdog.  Be careful what you wish for, eh?  You’d think I would have learned from 1986 but I stayed the course and here I am now, 34 years later still rooting for this team.

I even did my retirement from the Navy ceremony on the field before an Angels game in 2008 – now that’s devotion.  I love this team like I love the rest of my family, which means imperfectly and with a lot of humor thrown in to get through the rough spots.

Nate Trop

Columnist, Satire

Thanks to Nate’s Dad he’s been a diehard Angels fan since the day he was born. Nate attended his first game in the mid 80’s and has been to hundreds since then.The Angels are a part of Nate’s daily life, in and out of the season.  Nate usually turns to jokes and sarcasm along with the occasional finger pointing at the coaches as a way to deal with the frustrations that come with being such a diehard fan.

Nate works in the health insurance industry, and has an awesome wife and daughter who are also diehard fans (He doesn’t give them a choice). Nate lived in Southern California for over 30 years, but recently moved to the greater Milwaukee area.

Toby Hunt

Columnist. Feature Writer

Toby Hunt is a Mortgage Processor for a local bank in New Hampshire. He grew up an Angels fan through his dad and his brother, who moved out east in 1986. Despite living smack dab in the middle of “Red Sox Nation”, Toby dislikes the Red Sox just as much as you do.Toby plans on moving out west at some point in the future so he can pursue his dream of never having to see or shovel snow again. Toby will do whatever he can to find something to laugh at, even when things aren’t going so well.

Toby played little league with Pirates’ pitcher Jeff Locke, and can say that he hit a homerun against him. It was only little league, but it will be something he can tell his kids someday so they can laugh at him.

*In addition to those listed above, I wanted to also give a very special thanks to Lou Garcia, Kurt Swanson, Thomas Crow, Rick Dykhuizen, Cassy Carlson, Nick Mancini, Sean Dodds, Craig Malone, Sean Scanlon, Victor Varadi, Justin Williams, Tom Anderson, Ricky Ramos, Brent Hubbard, Greg Bird, Jonathan Northrop and Jason Sinner.

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