The HOVG Podcast: Rob Deer

The HOVG Podcast: Rob Deer

Hall of Very Good

The HOVG Podcast: Rob Deer


This week, Shawn Anderson and Lou Olsen are joined by the man they call “Rooster”…Rob Deer.

Rob tells the boys about his friendship with Robin Yount, his love for Milwaukee (and why he believes he was allowed to leave the Brewers via free agency), playing in Japan and that one special night he caught the eye of The Material Girl.

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A Heady Time: In 1987, the Brewers’ Season Had a Little Bit of Everything–Except a Pennant

All or nothing: Rob Deer’s brief career with the Tigers

Rob Deer known for whiffs, but he never accepted them

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This week’s podcast was brought to you by The Sweet Spot – A Treasury of Baseball Stories and Zack Hample.

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