Episode #57 (6/9/16): 1976 NBA Finals Game 5

Episode #57 (6/9/16): 1976 NBA Finals Game 5

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Episode #57 (6/9/16): 1976 NBA Finals Game 5


In basketball history, it’s still regarded as “The Greatest Game Ever Played.” On June 4, 1976, the fifth game of that year’s NBA Finals had it all…and then some.

This triple-overtime epic featured countless heroic plays, brilliant execution, controversy, a premature court-storming, as well as a fan-referee fight.

Recounting that classic night at Boston Garden, along with the events that led up to it, are two important figures from the valiant — but defeated — Suns: longtime broadcaster Al McCoy and 1975-76 NBA Rookie of the Year Alvan Adams.

Photo courtesy of Sports Illustrated
Audio courtesy of “Sunderella Suns” by Fleetwood Sounds and CBS Sports

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