Episode #58 (9/29/16): Dr. Dick Barnett

Episode #58 (9/29/16): Dr. Dick Barnett

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Episode #58 (9/29/16): Dr. Dick Barnett


His famous “fall back baby” jumper – an unorthodox, leg-kicking style – was instrumental in becoming a three-time All-American, helping to lead Tennessee State University to three consecutive NAIA championships, and averaging nearly 16 points per game over 14 NBA seasons. Barnett was a part of five NBA Finals – including the two championships for the New York Knicks in 1970 and 1973.

After basketball, Barnett obtained a doctorate in Education from Fordham University, has written several books, went on to become a professor of Sports Management at St. John’s University, and is the CEO and founder of SportScope – which focuses on the education and social development of youth.

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