NFL's Playoff MVP Race Prior to Super Bowl LI

NFL's Playoff MVP Race Prior to Super Bowl LI

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NFL's Playoff MVP Race Prior to Super Bowl LI


A couple of weeks ago, I sat out to make a roast in my oven with the goal of cooking so much that I’d be able to meal prep for much of the following week. This sounded incredibly good on paper, but the end result was a ton of under-cooked meat and burned vegetables. It was pretty much an epic fail.

In case you did not watch any football, let me just say that my roast was a metaphor for both the NFC and AFC Championship games.

There’s a reason why you did not get a championship game recap from this columnist. Those two games were not worth the time I spent watching them. I did not want to put myself through the ringers of reliving it just so that you, the reader could then relive it.

Let’s not beat around the bush here, the NFL served us up another buzz kill of a playoff weekend. Both championship games were hyped with A-list NFL quarterback matchups, but each failed to deliver more than the home team blowing out the visitors. At least the fans on TV looked like they all had a blast. The rest of us were kind of left watching both games for too long that were only worth watching for very little.

Hopefully, Super Bowl LI between the New England Patriots, the Atlanta Falcons and Playoff MVP favorites Tom Brady and Matt Ryan delivers us from one of the more boring NFL postseason’s in recent memory!

The penultimate Playoff MVP standings:

The two clear playoff MVP leaders after both the divisional round and the wildcard round were sent back home succinctly and bounced henceforth from this list. Onwards and upwards we go in the playoff MVP standings because the winner of this coveted trophy must be playing in Houston.

The passing games were the major key for both teams’ victories on championship weekend, so that’s going to be reflected in these rankings. Also, there weren’t any real noteworthy defensive players that stood out from the rest, at least to the committee of one that handles these rankings. As always, these rankings are subject to change based on the heavily weighted scale of the Super Bowl.

  1. Matt Ryan (QB Atlanta Falcons)
  2. Tom Brady (QB New England Patriots)
  3. Julio Jones (WR Atlanta Falcons)
  4. Kevin Hogan (WR New England Patriots)
  5. New England’s coaching staff

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