Quick Hits: February 5, 2017

Quick Hits: February 5, 2017

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Quick Hits: February 5, 2017

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A shark, coyote, and duck walk into a bar…

News and Notes for Sunday, February 5th

  • Coyotes beat the Sharks 3-2 on Saturday night

    • The highlight of the game was the reactions of the Coyote’s fathers in attendance.
      • When Lawson Crouse fought, his dad waived his jersey from the box
      • When Ryan White scored, his dad also waived his jersey and then showed the crowd that his son was, uhh, number one
    • Mike Smith once again faced 40 shots on goal.
    • Unsurprisingly, Radim Vrbata nets one in the shootout for the win.
    • Per Sarah McLellan on Twitter, the Coyotes are the first team to beat the Sharks three times this season
  • Once again the Coyotes are in the news for something besides the (bad) play on the ice.

    • It came out Friday that ASU has pulled out of the deal to build an arena with the Coyotes
    • ASU is instead planning to build an Olympic village for training.
    • Coyotes ownership group ensures fans their intention is to stay in Arizona.
    • Possible Options?
      • Stay in Glendale – probably not viable with the bad blood between Coyotes and Glendale, even though the arena management is now being done by an outside agency, AEG.
      • Salt River Field – no need to deal with politics of any city since it would be a deal with the tribe.
      • Downtown – Would Sarver be willing to work with the Coyotes? He may be the biggest obstacle as Mayor Greg Stanton had previously said Phoenix would welcome the Coyotes.
        • My personal hope? Downtown. It is more central and has a mass transportation option (light rail) for some. With the exception of the Cardinals, all other sports teams are already there (Suns, Dbacks, Mercury, and Rattlers).

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