Baseball's No.1 Prospect Gets Beefy

Baseball's No.1 Prospect Gets Beefy


Baseball's No.1 Prospect Gets Beefy


Andrew Benintendi is looking BEEFY. Steffen Simmons tweeted this video of the 22-year-old rookie absolutely crushing forearms in the weight room.

Benintendi was called up on August 2nd, 2016 straight from Double-A. He made is major league debut just 421 days after being selected with the seventh overall selection in the 2015 Major League Baseball draft. The rookie left fielder shows strong signs of promise for the Red Sox organization as a franchise player/prospect.

Benintendi is spending his first off-season in the weight room. I enjoy seeing players (especially young guys) get beefed up the healthy and natural way, straight hardcore and physically draining workouts. Keep doing you Andrew, you have a HUGE season coming up and we’re expecting nothing but greatness from you.

There’s still quite some time until the season officially starts but you’ll have a hard time recognizing Benintendi on opening day. The kid is all muscle now, which is a good thing. Andrew has a gorgeous swing, and adding muscle will help increase his power. Already a solid contact guy (batted .295 last season), now added some beefy muscles and we’re going to witness him absolutely crush balls out of the park this season.

Benintendi also brings phenomenal defensive play to the line up. Last season we witnessed Andrew make some spectacular catches. He’s young, he’s blazing fast, he puts his body out on the line for every ball, and he’s got the arm strength to throw you out.

I’m SO SO SO excited for this Red Sox season. A lot of young talent, plus the addition of some all-star pitching will (hopefully) lead to a lengthy playoff run. The Red Sox have the best odds of winning the American League, and at this point (I know the season hasn’t started yet) they look unbeatable.

Hopefully the Patriots have sparked the fire that will ignite the 2017 Red Sox to a World Series Championship.

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