Could the Eagles be interested in Pierre Garcon?

Could the Eagles be interested in Pierre Garcon?


Could the Eagles be interested in Pierre Garcon?


NFL free agency is still a few months away, but that is not stopping teams from putting together their wish list of targets. Many teams are looking for that one player to either put them over the top or solidify a position.

The Philadelphia Eagles are expected to make some noise in free agency as they try to fill holes at the wide receiver and cornerback positions. The wide receiver position has been a hot button topic for the Eagles this past season as the rumors have been swirling about a possible reunion with DeSean Jackson.

However, they may be interested in Jackson’s teammate, who played with him in the nation’s capital. According to Mike Jones of Washington Post, he lists the Eagles among five teams who are expected to be interested in wide receiver Pierre Garcon.

Jones adds that Washington likes Garcon and wants to stay there. But if the Eagles or any other team puts up a good contract and Washington low balls Garcon, he will go somewhere else.

Garcon has not been talked about as much when it comes to wide receivers that the Eagles could grab in free agency. The only wideouts who have been mentioned are Jackson and Alshon Jeffrey. Although, Garcon would be a cheaper option than Jeffrey and is a more complete wide receiver than Jackson.

This past season in Washington, Garcon had 79 receptions (114 targets) for 1,041 yards and three touchdowns. While he did not have a lot of touchdowns, Garcon was a reliable option for quarterback Kirk Cousins as he had a catch percentage of 69.3 (career-high).

With that type of reliability, it would go a long way for Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz, who had to throw the ball to guys such as Nelson Agholor and Dorial Green-Beckham this past season.

The only issue with a possible Garcon signing is that he is 30 years-old and will be 31 when the preseason gets under way. With that being said, Garcon should only get a three-year deal on the free agent market. Any team that goes past that number is shooting for the stars.

Garcon would be a good option for a young Eagles wide receiver unit that still has a lot to prove. But we will see if he becomes a free agent as Washington still has time to re-sign him to a brand new contract.

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