Latest Tony Romo Rumors

Latest Tony Romo Rumors


Latest Tony Romo Rumors


The Tony Romo rumors are ramping up as expecting as we head closer to the NFL Combine. We are hearing everything from Romo being valued as a 3rd round pick, and no recently from Ed Werder from ESPN suggesting Romo expects to be released and not traded.

For me, I am taking all of these with a grain of salt, but it further illustrates everything is on the table for Romo.

It’s been rumored he has TV deals lined up, but supposedly he has said no to that notion.

This decision will come down from the man himself, Jerry Jones.

For fans, we know the separation is coming, but a lot of fans know Romo is a solid QB and should warrant something via trade. There’s also the fan that feels this should be a mutual separation where Jerry does Romo a “solid” and outright releases him.

Werder gives us a peak at the financial ramifications

Werder has been a hit and miss reporter on Cowboys coverage, but you do have to wonder if this is the path this ultimately ends up. Jerry will meet with Romo to discuss all the options.

For more on this discussion be sure to check out our YouTube Channel here. I’ll discuss how the Houston Texans may be the front runners in the Tony Romo sweepstakes. Click play below.

What do you guys think? Will Romo be released or traded? Are the Texans Romo’s best fit?


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