Hurricanes brace for bad press

Hurricanes brace for bad press

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Hurricanes brace for bad press


<![CDATA[Head Coach Bill Peters – Oh man, that was bad.

Assistant Steve Smith – That was so so bad.

Goalie Coach David Marcoux – That was worse than bad, it was awful.

Peters – We lost to the Coyotes!

Smith – At home!

Marcoux – So awful. No coming back from this.

Peters – And we lost to the Avs the game before!

Smith – AT HOME!

Marcoux – AWFUL!

Peters – The papers are going to be pretty unforgiving.

Smith – Man, if the bosses see that, we're going to be toast.

Marcoux – Awful! Unemployment, here we come.

Peters – Hey… Where's Rod?

[Rod Brind'amour, GM Ron Francis and owner Peter Karamanos laughing as they enter the room]

Karamanos – Hey guys, how's it going, you catch the game last night?

Peters, confused – Yeah… we…. lost…

Karamanos – What? What game were you watching? The Heels WON!

Peters – The…

Francis – Yeah, coach. The Tar Heels. They beat Duke. You know, the game last night!

Brind'Amour – Yeah, Bill, the only game that mattered last night [Brind'Amour winks aggressively]

Peters – Oh, yeah! haha! Great game!

Karamanos – Yeah, great. Hey, I got places to be. Keep on hockeying!

[Karamanos leaves]

Peters – What… What was that?

Brind'Amour – You need to learn to relax, man.

Smith – I thought we were toast, as soon as he saw the paper today!

Francis – The paper? Are you kidding?

Brind'Amour – Yeah, man. There is no way he even knows what the 'Canes are doing right now. How do you think Maurice kept his job so long? Just relax. Look at News&Observer's sports home page:


Peters – Oh wow.

Smith – Amazing.

Marcoux – So we’re off the hook?

Francis – Yup. Just make sure you don’t say you like Duke, and you’re all set.

Peters – Perfect. I don’t even know who Duke is.


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