#BWDraft2017 Bills Combine / News Round Up: Monday Edition

#BWDraft2017 Bills Combine / News Round Up: Monday Edition

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#BWDraft2017 Bills Combine / News Round Up: Monday Edition


<![CDATA[Greetings one and all. Today is the final day of the combine, focusing on the defensive backs. Now would be a good time to reset and see what there is to know in Bills land prior to free agency's doors opening tomorrow.

Mike Glennon, Yes THAT Mike Glennon: 

Late last night, I was reading the ole timeline and noticed that Charles Robinson of Yahoo! was reporting that Mike Glennon was slated to earn 14-15 million per year in the current free agent market.

Mike. Glennon.

A player that was so bad he got benched and replaced by a number one overall pick is going to make 14-15 million in real dollars. Should that happen, I’m happy for Mike, because the CBA was built for free agents to be paid. However, the argument that Tyrod Taylor on his current deal is “too risky” needs to sit down in a corner and stay there for-ev-er.

Sam Monson, of PFF also popped in…

And my colleague, the fantastic Chris Trapasso over at Buffalo Rumblings also had a thought – with regards to a trade:

Here’s my take on a trade: if you think a team is willing to take on the contract, why isn’t Buffalo, who signed him in the first place? And who are you going to get that is going to do as well as Taylor at a cheaper price?

I want to make sure my #TeamTyrod flag is out, because this isn’t just a matter of preferring the current Bills quarterback to the field, even the potential draftees I like. This is about coaching preference, which also seems to lead to wanting Taylor under center. This is also going to be about the role of Doug Whaley and the scouting department in terms of the way the boat is rowed, so to speak.

I’ll explain.

Doing research into the McDermott Defense, there are quirks and specific traits that he wants in the scheme – in terms of his line’s size, the speed of his linebackers and their safety/linebacker hybrid spot, known in Carolina as the Buffalo position, which I’ll go into detail tomorrow with FA looming.

Whaley’s “coach says just find me good players” line is great, until you think about very specific scheme needs and how best player available isn’t always what it seems. If McDermott knows that he needs a defensive end that’s between 6’3″ and 6’6″ and is about 270-280 pounds, drafting an end that is undersized because that’s how your board fell may not give him the best player for his scheme. Sure, I envision he’ll adapt, as he will with Jerry Hughes and has done with players in Philadelphia and Carolina as wave players. But if he needs a starter to do x, y and z and you draft someone that does w, you’re not helping your coach.

So with quarterback, if he knows he wants Taylor and feels he can win with him and you give him Brian Hoyer? You as a GM, or Russ Brandon as a Team President are derelict in their duties to the team and will finally push me over to the fire everyone except the coaching staff ala my esteemed partner Joe.

Defensive Backs Take the Stage:

Today’s draft is all about the DBs. I am a big fan of this class, as the depth and variety in player type and sizes bodes well for what looks to be a new look Bills secondary.

My favorites for today are:

Chidobe Awuzie (Colorado), Sidney Jones (Wash), Adoree’ Jackson (USC), Budda Baker (Wash), Justin Evans (Texas A&M), Shalom Luani (Washington State) and my unicorn of the group – Obi Melifonwu of UConn.

Starting next Monday, I’ll have my 2017 NFL Draft “Man Crush Mondays” where I highlight a player or two and why I think they’d be great fits in the Bills schemes. Obi and Chidobe will be my first two on the board.

Have a player you think fits? Hit me up and I will be happy to throw them in the list!

Free Agent Frenzy:

Because of the Bills’ current cap situation (with or without Taylor I’d add) I don’t foresee too much of a big splash from the team. However, there are a few positions I think they need to focus on in free agency to lessen the draft’s “make or break” status with the few picks they have. To me, they are:

Wide Receiver

“Buffalo” Nickel (which you’ll get a full profile of tomorrow AM)

Will Linebacker

Right Tackle competition

If they can get those four positions in free agency – not even starters mind, but solid options to start – you allow the draft to be something that you can buttress the team with quality competition at positions, rather than folks written in stone as starters whose play may not warrant it.

So that’s where I’m at currently. Thoughts? Send them my way on Twitter or have a word on our Facebook page!]]>

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