Draft Profile: Donovan Mitchell

Draft Profile: Donovan Mitchell

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Draft Profile: Donovan Mitchell


<![CDATA[Donavan Mitchell: Shooting Guard – Louisville, 20 years old

Measurables: 6-3, 210 lbs., 6-9 wingspan

Strengths: Scoring, Shooting, Hands, Quickness, Defensive Potential


Weaknesses: Size, Efficiency, Driving Ability

Conclusion: The sophomore star at Louisville is one of the fastest rising prospects in my draft board moving up 27 spots from #61 to #34. He is the first Cardinal to be named First Team All-ACC since Louisville joined the conference. A big reason for the accolades and fast rise have been his contributions across the board, leading his team in points, steals, threes, and minutes played. His ability to remain consistent while handling a heavy workload are a testament to his combination of scoring and defensive ability. He uses his quick hands to get deflections and steals, which helps to compensate for his modest size and length. He is well built and will continue to fill out his frame at the next level. If he can have a successful postseason in college and improves his efficiency at the rim, NBA scouts will be giving him a hard look in the mid-to-late first round.

Big Board #34, Mock Draft: #28]]>

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