Can Tony Romo pull off a Peyton Manning?

Can Tony Romo pull off a Peyton Manning?


Can Tony Romo pull off a Peyton Manning?


<![CDATA[Tony Romo is expected to be looking for a new team starting on Thursday, according to, and it’s a decision that might not come quickly.

There are some parallels between Romo’s situation and Manning’s situation in 2012. Both are veteran quarterbacks who suffered injuries that put their careers in jeopardy, and they were replaced by younger stars. Dak Prescott already has led the Cowboys to the playoffs while the Colts had the top pick in the draft and were ready to draft Andrew Luck.

Manning brought his new team to two Super Bowls and the Broncos won one of them. Can Romo achieve the same level of success in his second act?

It could turn out that Romo’s new team is the same as Manning’s new team. The Broncos and Texans figure to be his top suitors. The reason those teams are candidates to land Romo is because both of them have been there, done that with Brock Osweiler and realized he’s just not a franchise quarterback. In fact, several of the top rated online sportsbooks have the Broncos ranked #1 and the Texans ranked #2 as the most likely landing spots for Romo.

Romo, who turns 37 on April 21, is a franchise quarterback. But there also are some differences between Manning’s courtship in 2012 and Romo’s upcoming courtship.

Through his age 38 season, the only time Manning came off the field was when he missed the 2011 season with the neck injury that ended his career with the Colts. Romo hasn’t been nearly as durable, and all the hype surrounding where he’ll go obscures the genuine risk of signing him.

Romo broke his collarbone twice in 2015 and eventually lost his job to Prescott last year because of a back injury, and it wasn’t the first time he hurt his back.

With so many teams desperate for quarterbacks, mediocre ones are being overvalued. Romo is not a mediocre quarterback when he’s healthy. The problem is, he hasn’t been healthy for most of the last two seasons and even at his best he’s no Peyton Manning.

That makes Manning’s league-wide recruitment tour and two subsequent Super Bowl appearances a one-time phenomenon that will be hard for Romo to duplicate.]]>

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