Catching up on the Brandin Cooks and Jordan Matthews Rumors

Catching up on the Brandin Cooks and Jordan Matthews Rumors


Catching up on the Brandin Cooks and Jordan Matthews Rumors


Reports came out that the New Orleans Saints are looking to deal Brandin Cooks this offseason. Of course, the Eagles looking for receiving help are one of three teams to show early interest. The Patriots have already reportedly offered their first round pick for Cooks and the Saints rightfully declined. The other team is the Tennessee Titans who apparently offered the eighteenth pick in this year’s draft. The Eagles have the fourteenth pick in this year’s draft. Obviously the Eagles don’t want to deal the recently acquired first rounder, but getting a guy like Cooks in Philly would a must make type of trade. Cooks is only 23 and has put up back to back 1,100 yard season for the Saints. Cooks has a team option for the 2018 season so he would be coming over on a two year deal. The only way I wouldn’t do the deal is if you know he won’t resign with you after the 2018 season, but this is a move that you can’t pass up. To put into retrospect, if Cooks were to be in this year’s draft he would be younger than a few receiving prospects that include Cooper Kupp. To trade for Cooks and not involve the first rounder the Eagles would need to involve a mid round pick and most likely a defensive player. Fletcher Cox, Brandon Graham and Jordan Hicks are off the table, but a guy like Rodney McLeod or Vinny Curry could be in play. The Saints just released Jairus Byrd and replacing him with McLeod would be a move that makes sense. The Eagles are actively shopping Mychal Kendricks and Connor Barwin two players that could also interest the Saints. The Birds could put Barwin or Kendricks in the package to maybe lessen the draft pick going to New Orleans. I ask, would you trade McLeod, Kendricks and a fifth round pick for Cooks and later rounder in 2018? It’s a move I would consider and with this year’s draft class being stacked with safeties is always a help. McLeod is a good player, but to get a guy like Cooks would be something to think about.  


Sunday night rumors came out that the Eagles are willing to deal Jordan Matthews for the “right price”. Matthews has been without question the most productive receiver on the team the past two seasons. You can say that is a result of piss poor weapons around him, but the reality is, Jordan Matthews is set to be a free agent after the 2017 season and will get nearly $8 million a year to my prediction. Is Jordan Matthews worth $8 million annually? No, but he is important to this team. Matthews is starting to bond with Wentz and he even bought a cabin in North Dakota to workout with Wentz this offseason.


In three seasons with the Eagles, Matthews has totaled 225 receptions for 2673 yards with 19 touchdowns. Those numbers are a result in playing in Chip Kelly’s high tempo offense and being the only legit receiver on the team the last two seasons. There are facts that you can pull the other way however. Matthews went through four quarterback changes in those three years and with slot receivers you need to have that bond. As I mentioned earlier, Wentz and Matthews are starting to bond so does trading Matthews actually help the Eagles? I say no, this team needs weapons who are actually capable of getting open in this league and with Matthews on the team as the second option behind a guy like Brandin Cooks, Alshon Jeffery, Corey Davis or even Kenny Britt could see Matthews finally pass the century mark for receiving yards. Trading Jordan Matthews makes no sense right now for the state the Eagles are in right now. Plus, value for Matthews via a trade wouldn’t be much with him being a free agent next offseason. If a deal were to be made coming back to the Eagles would probably be a fourth or even fifth round pick. This team wants to help Wentz and getting rid of one of his best options, even if that is by default, just doesn’t make sense and would only set this team back. Allow Matthews to finish the year out with Wentz and see what happens. If he thrives pay him in the offseason and if he doesn’t you let him walk.


-Sean Brennan  

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