Hurricanes 4, Rangers 3

Hurricanes 4, Rangers 3


Hurricanes 4, Rangers 3


The New York Rangers (43-23-2) lost to the Carolina Hurricanes (27-27-10) by the score of 4-3. For a box score, click here.

3 Goats

1st Goat – Referee Francois St. Laurent (#38)

2nd Goat – Referee Gord Dwyer (#19)

3rd Goat – The moron who decided that an iPhone screen is large enough to sufficiently make a decision on reviews that could come down to a fraction of an inch.

Post Game Cocktail Recommendation


If you’re like me, you were pretty f’n sour after that mind boggling non-goaltender interference call, so have a Amaretto Sour to dull the pain.

Gif of the Game

Where is Theo Fleury when you need him to take out a mascot?

Was seriously hoping some Rangers fan went over to that mascot banging on the glass and dropped him Ace Ventura style…


Repulsive Review

(Disclaimer: If you haven’t noticed already, I’m a little salty about the God damn goaltender interference review, so my recap of the events might be somewhat belligerent)

What in the actual f*ck?!?!?! Why even have a challenge system when an opposing player is allowed to basically pop a goaltender’s face mask off and the goal still counts? And don’t get me started on the refs reviewing it on a two inch screen. Not that it should have mattered tonight, because even with the small screen this is beyond obvious…

And is the NHL kidding me stating even though Raanta’s skates are in the crease that because his head is outside the blue paint he was the aggressor. That is some comical Bettman bullsh*t right there. Yeah, Raanta totally looks like the aggressor while taking an elbow to the chin. What was I thinking?:

You know it’s a bad call when Vigneault takes a second to actually stop chewing his gum because he is so incredulous by the decision.

Not that the Rangers were playing well at the time (more on that later), but that non-call turned this game around.

Ok big Kevin, time to relax by going to your happy place…


Tanner Glass Watch

This was the third consecutive solid game from Tanner Glass as he posted a 50% 5-on-5 Corsi For despite starting in the offensive zone just 25% of the time. Glass has shown some versatility since his recall as a game after scoring two points (1g, 1a) against Florida, he and his linemates on the fourth line were able to establish offensive pressure by cycling the puck in Carolina’s zone.

However, Glass’ bread and butter is playing with an edge…

And sacrificing his body for the greater good of the team…

Having said all that, has Vigneault lost his mind bumping Glass up on a line with Zibanejad and Miller in the final minutes down one?!?!?! There is no logical reason for dropping Buchnevich off that line in favor of Glass when the Rangers are in desperate need of a goal. I mean, does Glass even have any offensive abili…

Hmmmmm, not bad Tanner. Not bad at all.

Stepan Stumped

Just when you think it can’t get any worse for Stepan and his goalless streak, this happens with three minutes remaining and the Rangers down one…

Despite 10 shots on goal and this agonizing pipe job, Stepan’s goalless streak is now at…


Power Play Breaks Out

Three power play goals in one game?!?!?!


My Bad

Before the game it was announced that Henrik Lundqvist wouldn’t be available because he’s day to day with a lower body injury. Ummmmm, yeah, about that…my bad (via my Rangers/Lightning recap from Monday night)…

Mini Recap

After scoring their first power play goal in what seemed like a decade the Rangers had all the momentum until back-to-back careless turnovers by Hayes and Buchnevich gave the Hurricanes a first period lead and the Blueshirts found themselves in a dog fight.

After recapturing the lead with a thoroughly dominating second period, I’m not sure if it was fatigue from three games in four days or all the injuries finally taking its toll, but the tables were completely turned on the Rangers in the third period as Carolina came out of the locker room after the second intermission breathing fire.

Sure the non-call on the goaltender interference was a killer, but at that point the game was being controlled by Carolina and they probably deserved the eventual outcome.

The Rangers really missed their top three penalty killers as the failure on the pk was a major factor in the third period collapse.

On a positive note, unlike brother Eric, at least Jordan Staal didn’t freight train Marc.

On another positive note, Zibanejad now has four goals in his last seven games. Maybe he should let Stepan use some of his sticks.

A couple of days off, then a home coming for Brendan Smith in Detroit on Sunday.

F*ckin’ refs.


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