Could Tony Romo retire to become a TV analyst?

Could Tony Romo retire to become a TV analyst?


Could Tony Romo retire to become a TV analyst?


While we don’t really have a clue as to what Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo is going to do in the near future, it’s clear he does have a number of options.

There are a few NFL teams who would certainly have interest in him, it’s just a matter if he’d want to humble himself and play there. Teams like the Jaguars, or even the Browns, for example, both of which are in need of a quarterback. But Romo could choose to retire rather than playing for them. Right now, it really seems like it’s Broncos or nothing for Romo, with the 49ers not appearing to be interested, especially since the veteran quarterback wouldn’t fit in Kyle Shanahan’s offense.

So maybe the 36-year-old Romo could elect to retire after all. He’s had some serious back issues over the years, and he has to think about life after football.

The good news for him, is that if he does that, there’ll certainly be major media companies interested in his services.

No word on whether or not ESPN is interested as well. Given that the Worldwide Leader is set to make a round of layoffs in the near future, they may elect to let Romo go elsewhere, should he retire.

Romo would be a great analyst. His football IQ is high and he obviously knows the game well. Furthermore, he has good composure, knows how to speak with a camera on him, and is professional in how he conducts himself. I’d watch.

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