NCAA Tournament Pool Lives Again

NCAA Tournament Pool Lives Again

zz The Belly of the Beast

NCAA Tournament Pool Lives Again


I’ve lost count of how many years I’ve slapped this pool together at the last minute, as well as the will to look at last year’s post and get a ballpark figure, but once again you have the opportunity to join with others and show off how bad you are at predicting a single-elimination tournament. As is tradition with this pool, exotic prizes shall be awarded to the top three combatants to emerge from the rubble, and the winner of last place shall receive a public shaming in this very space (assuming I remember to do it, which I probably won’t).

Now, you may be asking yourself if the prizes are worth the risk of putting your faith in a bunch of 18-22 year-olds to make you not look like an idiot and avoid being shamed publicly. To that I say, HOW DARE YOU THINK OTHERWISE.

1st Prize – Millionaire Ed Orgeron Workout Portrait 


2nd Prize – Hugh Freeze Memorabilia 


3rd Prize – Reporters at the Very Famous White House Watch Donald Trump’s Home Alone 2 Scene

If the possibility of having one of those images in your collection intrigues you enough, and how could it not, sign up today and let’s see who among us is truly the worst at picking NCAA Tournament games.

Group Name: Belly of the Beast
Password: seagal2

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