Thought Nothing Would Surprise Me/I Was Wrong Now I See

Thought Nothing Would Surprise Me/I Was Wrong Now I See

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Thought Nothing Would Surprise Me/I Was Wrong Now I See


It’s always weird being a Chargers fan, but the last few months are beyond compare.  I’m still shocked that the Bolts decided to move to LA.  I am sure that they made the decision a while before, despite their protestations to the contrary.  When Spanos’ kids were telling Scott Kaplan that they weren’t sure where things were heading, I can’t imagine that they were being entirely honest.  They had to have some inkling as to where this was all heading.  Did Dean really tell the other owners that he didn’t want to move but felt like he had to?  The one thing I continue to believe is that something had to change.  I wish it had been the announcement that the team was committed to finding a solution in San Diego.  But another year-to-year situation wasn’t good for anybody.  It definitely had an effect on the team and certainly had one on the fans.  Of course if they had been better coached, conditioned and led on the field the fans would have responded accordingly as well.

But they didn’t and McCoy was finally axed.  That euphoria only lasted about a week before the move was announced.  It’s really sad to see San Diegans praying that they get the fucking Raiders to move or are awarded with an MLS franchise.  I was asked how I would feel if the Mets moved to Philadelphia and the Phillies moved to New York.  I guess I can’t even picture it so I won’t try to.  I won’t begrudge those that are completely apathetic or who hate the Chargers outright.  I understood those who were so sick of the stadium situation that they wanted the city to call what they saw as Deano’s bluff.  I bet some privately would accept the Chargers’ return to San Diego in a heartbeat.


But that ain’t happening and since this is the only team I’m going to root for I might as well look at what they’ve done since the season ended.  The Okung signing leaves me a little baffled.  Every player who is signing with a new team was let go for a reason.  With the Chargers, it seems like the guys we push out do better for someone else.  Denver took Louis Vasquez and went to the Super Bowl with him.  I’ve seen the stats of how many hits and pressures Okung allowed last season.  I like that the team is focused on improving the line, even though I hate that we have to keep Barksdale.  They gave him a four-year deal and he looked awful.  He gave up on plays and showed more fight on social media than he did on the field.

This was the first merchandise ad the Chargers sent to me that had Los Angeles on it.  I’ve resolved not to buy anything with LA on it unless it also says “Super Bowl Champions” as well.  So yes I guess that means I won’t likely be buying anything with the City Of Angeles on it.  However, I am in support of calling the Bolts the “Inglewood, Up To No Good Chargers.”


I went out with my best friends Saturday and rocked the Pro Bowl jersey.  What better way to support the Chargers but still show a little resentment?  Actually, I’m still a fan.  I don’t love the idea of Addae getting a new deal when he’s more likely to injured himself than defend a pass.  But I do understand his (and Verrett’s) stance that the team needs its fans.  I’m referring to Eric Weddle’s exchange with my old buddy Eric Stangel.  After Woodhead signed with Baltimore, Eric joked on Twitter about being a Ravens fan.  Weddle, who is always up for trashing the Chargers, responded.  This was even picked up by the Ravens official page.

I won’t defend the way the Chargers handled Weddle or anything.  However, he was really well (possibly overpaid) paid by the Chargers.  It wasn’t a slam dunk to keep him, but they created yet another ugly breakup.  But Woodhead missed two seasons and Dunlap (who Weddle also chimed in on) DEFINITELY had to go.  He was great in 2013 and hasn’t been since.  I’m sure if it made sense financially, Franklin would have been sent packing as well.  I’ve already mentioned how little I care for Barksdale.

The Bolts had the biggest offensive line in football and still one of the worst.  They have possibly the most immobile quarterback in the game under the most pressure.  When the stat is flashed on the screen that Rivers has the best play action stats WHEN he uses it, I can only roll my eyes yet again.  Of course he uses the play action less than any quarterback because the running game is rarely rolling.  It will be interesting to see how Melvin Gordon follows up his “comeback year” in LA.

Wow, it feels weird to write that.  But that’s it.  I’m back ready to ride once again.  I don’t know if giving Ingram the franchise tag was smart but a long-term deal could backfire as he’s had his own share of injuries.  He also needs to start finishing sacks.  Let’s be honest, the most Charger thing would have been to let him walk and watch him get better somewhere else.  I’m sure Weddle would have a comment about that as well.

Look, the Chargers may be idiots a lot of times but I’m not jumping ship.  I loved that some fans posted pics of Weddle getting run over by Pitt on his timeline and mentioned that the Ravens themselves are an organization built on the trampled dreams of Clevelanders.  I’m surprised no one mentioned his role in the Shonn Greene run in the playoffs, the 3rd and 17 in Denver from the following playoff season and the 4th and 29 against his beloved Ravens.

Anyway,  I think that’s all for now.  I just wanted to get back in front of the keyboard tell you I’m still here.

We’ll be in touch,


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