Mike Yeo on Martin Brodeur: "He’s been right every time"

Mike Yeo on Martin Brodeur: "He’s been right every time"


Mike Yeo on Martin Brodeur: "He’s been right every time"


Back in February, you might remember a story about Mike Yeo and how he allows Martin Brodeur to decide which goaltender starts each night for the Blues. To date, the Yeo/Brodeur combination has worked out pretty well as there has been a drastic improvement in the team’s crease. With Jake Allen playing some of his best hockey of the year, the topic once again popped up and Yeo confirmed that Brodeur is right pretty much all of the time.

Yeo spoke about his current relationship with Brodeur with STLToday:

“I listen to Marty. He seems to get it.”

And is Brodeur usually right?

“He is. He’s done a great job preparing those guys and they’ve been great for us for an awful long time. He’s been right every time.”

Skill on the ice may not always translate to coaching or teaching, but it certainly seems to be yet another skill Brodeur possesses. Allen has completely elevated his game under Brodeur, from positioning, approach and overall confidence. The same could be said for Carter Hutton, but the more noticeable change has been seen in Allen.

The most important test may still lie ahead. Brodeur’s advice and guidance has paid off for the Blues so far, but how will he – and the team – handle things when the pressure is on and things aren’t going well?

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