John Rocker’s Hand Cannon Stolen From Truck

John Rocker’s Hand Cannon Stolen From Truck

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John Rocker’s Hand Cannon Stolen From Truck


John Rocker just can’t seem to stay away from trouble.

It was reported Friday that the controversial (former) closer’s truck had been broken into and among the items stolen…the aforementioned hand cannon, fifty rounds of ammunition and $200 bucks.

Now, granted, Rocker is technically the victim here, but, come on…a .357 Colt Python? Does he think he’s some sort of Texas lawman?

“They stole a .357 Magnum out of my door console that was fully loaded with 50 rounds of ammo next to it. Gone,” Rocker told Atlanta’s Channel 2. “Some punk 19-year-old kid is carrying a very powerful handgun right now.”

And get this…this isn’t the first time this has happened.

“I’ve lived in Atlanta for almost 20 years and I’ve had my car broken into four times, Rocker continued. “It’s been at LA Fitness every time.”

While no one should be defending the alleged criminals, if thieves have busted into your truck three other times while you’ve been working out…maybe don’t leave your gun and wallet outside and invite a fourth.

Seriously, this isn’t a tough one to figure out.


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