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About Me


About Me


Blue Jays Mic is the name. And my name is David. I’m from California, not Canada.

One of the reasons I started Blue Jays Mic: I love baseball! I used to be a Giants fan, but not anymore.

I know, sounds strange right. I mean, why would a baseball fan from California create a Blue Jays blog?

A couple of reasons: we’re talking about the Blue Jays! The Blue Jays are not California’s team or Ontario’s team.

The Blue Jays are Canada’s team—everyone’s team everywhere!

I will admit: I wasn’t born a Jays fan. I’m still learning about the community, reading, listening and writing as we go.

But I gotta say: the Blue Jays are fun to follow! Fun to watch.

I’m still experimenting with the format, finding my voice, but one thing you’ll learn about me—quickly!—is that I’m a casual baseball guy, watching the Jays, talking about the Jays, and reaching out to the Jays community.

Go Jays! Follow me at @BlueJaysMic.


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