UMD's Emmy Winning Performance Against UND

UMD's Emmy Winning Performance Against UND

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UMD's Emmy Winning Performance Against UND


Disclaimer, this post is intended to be humorous and if you can’t see the humor in it, you might want to log off. Now. I thought I would get that out of the way first. Yes, I am laughing.

Anyways, here are the numbers: 27 penalties for 57 minutes. I know that this is going to shock you, the number of penalties whistled in this game was a record. There wasn’t much time where the penalty box was empty. I hope it’s a record that’s not broken anytime soon. The penalties broke down like this, UMD 15 penalties for 33 minutes. UND 12 penalties for 24 minutes. Breaking it down further, UND was 3/10 on the power play. UMD was 2/6 on the power play.

Included in the video: the Gardner hit, Neal Pionk running over Cam Johnson, all three UND goals, and the game-winning goal by the Bulldogs. Finally, I included the Emmy-winning performances by Kyle Osterberg and Hunter Miska.

I’ve never seen a game where so many penalties were called. I do think the boys in stripes had a bad game, video evidence confirms this. This game was fun to watch because there were so many story lines.

Officials are human, they make mistakes. It’s obvious that Todd Anderson got upset and started calling penalties and he never stopped until the game was over. I want to be clear, I don’t think the officiating was the reason UND lost the game. If anything, I think that UND actually benefited from the officiating more than UMD did. In case you were wondering, here’s what 57 PIM’s look like. I mean seriously, that’s unheard of in a playoff game.

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