73: Senators at Bruins: Turn the Page

73: Senators at Bruins: Turn the Page


73: Senators at Bruins: Turn the Page


I had every intention of writing this during last night’s game, but leak my nudes and call me Emma Watson if that game wasn’t too entertaining to pull away from. What a disappointing ending.

Anyways, Greg already covered all that in his recap, lets put that unpleasantness behind us.

I’m still confident in this team, it’s a good feeling.  Yesterday, Marshall talked about how the Toronto Maple Leafs don’t scare him.  Well you know who doesn’t scare me? The Ottawa Senators.  Why you ask? Simple, my dear readers.  No matter what the standings say, no matter what the season series says.

The Bruins are the better team

Without looking at any advanced stats (because I feel the same way about those as the current presidential administration feels about climate change), I’m confident that this team, the one we’ve had since February 7th, could beat Ottawa in a 7 game series.   Sure, Karlsson is a great talent and Craig Anderson has had one of, if not the, best seasons of his career…aside from that though, nothing about the Sens worry me.  The Bruins are the superior team in most aspects of the game, with only the slightest edge going to the Senators in Goals Against per Game (and we’re talking 0.06).

Maybe it’s over confidence, maybe I’m just giddy with with possibility of making the playoffs again, but I’m not too concerned with actually getting in…I just want the Bruins to stay in that 2nd or 3rd spot in the Atlantic.  I want to see a Bruins vs Senators series.


*Don’t Say Marchand*

*Don’t Say Marchand*

*Don’t Say Marchand*

I don’t care that it’s not Christmas, I love this picture

I know he was held pointless last night, but the last time that happened was February 22nd, almost a month ago.  He has 11 points in the 9 games so far this month.

We love our complex carbohydrate right wing


Usually we reserve this spot for a Bruins player who is pissing us off, but I just hate that cheap-shotting, finger-biting motherfucker Alexandre Burrows so much.

Fuck him in his stupid face



Because we’re whores, and you pay whores for the service they provide.

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