Hey Bo Schultz, I'm talking to you

Hey Bo Schultz, I'm talking to you


Hey Bo Schultz, I'm talking to you




Heyy!! Bo Schultz, I’m talking to you.

Hey Bo haha. Alright now that I got your attention, Blue Jays fans like myself heard the devastating news:

Devastating is an understatement. Devastating is an awful feeling. In other words, I think it’s awful for you to have a surgery named after Tommy John.

I’m sorry man. Tommy John surgery happens to the best of the best (Think: John Smoltz).

But hey! Bo. Like John Smoltz, and your teammate Francisco Liriano, you’re going to bounce back.

Look what happened to John Smoltz after 2000. Click on his name and check out his numbers.

Bo, what I’m trying to say is you could bounce back like Smoltzy. You will have another dominant outing, like this one last year:

Or even better.

So Bo, listen to me: you’re going to bounce back. Tommy John is a setback, a step back. That’s all.

Keep your head up, stay focused on rehab and take care of yourself.

See you on the field next year!

GO Jays. Follow me on Twitter: @BlueJaysMic.

Gif courtesy of Giphy

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