Tony Romo Set to Retire

Tony Romo Set to Retire

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Tony Romo Set to Retire


The drama of all drams appears to be coming to an end. An end of an era. Tony Romo is set to walk away from football and join the world of sports broadcasting.

The Cowboys are expected to designate him as a June 1st cut as a result and they will gain the savings on June 2. With that money they can pay their incoming rookie class and have money for any in-season moves that may be needed.

The biggest thing I take from Romo’s career was when he settled the QB carousel that plagued the Cowboys for years after Troy Aikman retired.

We saw bums and wash-ups come in here and do nothing. Quincy Carter, Vinny Testaverde, Drew Henson, and Drew Bledsoe to name a few.

I remember being ecstatic when Romo finally took the reigns and he held on to it for years. His career had it all — shear heartbreak, choke jobs, miraculous comebacks, swagger, clutch wins, grit and toughness. But in the end he never got the team to the NFC Title Game or the Super Bowl which is the ultimate measuring stick and validation for any player.

There were several seasons where the Cowboys squandered Romo’s talent which included mediocre draft classes, and an ill-advised trade for Roy Williams.

Defensively, the team relied on 3-4 gurus like Bill Parcells and Wade Phillips, but the talent was not there. Mediocre secondary play throughout most of Romo’s career meant he had to air it out more often than not.

There were times when Romo himself rallied this team to 8-8 seasons when they should have be 5-11 or 4-12 seasons. He did an admirable job no doubt. I wanted to see him get a ring line DeMarcus Ware did elsewere, but that ship looks to have sailed.

Thanks Tony for all your years and true grit on the gridiron.

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