Rivers on Double High Screen: 'Everyone does it now'

Rivers on Double High Screen: 'Everyone does it now'


Rivers on Double High Screen: 'Everyone does it now'


Going back to the Los Angeles Clippers’ first round series against the San Antonio Spurs in 2015, where the Clippers, then a three seed, defeated the Spurs (six seed) in an epic seven game series, one of the sets the Spurs had trouble containing was the Clippers’ double drag screen.

You might recognize the action, as I detailed it in this piece earlier this season.

Two years later, it seems like many teams, including the Spurs, have sets that involve the high double screen that the Clippers and Head Coach Doc Rivers used to feature in their offense. With the Clippers in San Antonio Saturday, I asked Coach Rivers if this is something he’s seen as well.

“Yeah, everyone does it now,” said Coach Rivers. “It was nice when we were just doing it. I started it in Boston to be honest, but with these two (Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan), it’s dynamic because of the rolling ability of DJ.”

Rivers detailed that there was a rule change made heading into this season involving how the double drag screen was used by the Clippers. Rivers said Jordan and Griffin used to lock arms in the set, but today, the league has deemed that as an illegal screen.

Sitting at 48-31 (5th in the Western Conference), the Clippers are in a race for home court in the first round of the playoffs, as the Utah Jazz (49-30), currently sit right in front of the Clippers in the standings.

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