Is Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks going to be traded in the upcoming draft?

Is Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks going to be traded in the upcoming draft?


Is Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks going to be traded in the upcoming draft?


Richard Sherman, who had made some significant contributions as the cornerback with the Seattle ” href=””>Seahawks, turned to the point of sensation and rumors recently. As per a recently published report, Sherman asked the club authority to take him to the trading table.

Sherman made it to the ” href=””>NFL in 2011 and his name found a place in the list of the 4 Pro Bowls. He holds the record of 30 interceptions in his career, till date. This is the highest tally in this regard, ever made by any players in the NFL. Last season, Sherman faced an MCL Injury, however, registered 4 Picks, playing in all the 16 scheduled games. Though this game perfectly matched defense strategy of Seattle, however, after having a bit volatile campaign, the last season, meeting 2 sideline outbursts, it seems as if he is wondering for greener pastures.

Why Sherman intended to be traded?

As per reliable sources, three factors combined for Sherman, requesting the club officials to take him to the trading table. However, the most important point from the list is that the sideline blowups that he had in the last season, established that he is having problem in coping with the coach. In the 6th week, Sherman even clashed with Kris Richard, the Defensive coordinator, once Seattle blew one coverage. Teammates had a really tough time to calm Sherman down.

As it came up from the sports journalist with ” href=””>ESPN, the rumor for the trading initiated out of the act of Sherman himself. He initially consented to take him to the trading table and the club authorities simply obliged him by keeping his request. This point got the endorsement of the club officials about the ongoing talks regarding his trading. Currently many ” href=””>betting sites are taking wagers about which team Sherman will be traded to.

The standing of the club officials on this topic

As the club officials commented, they maintain warm and cordial relationship with the players and in that regard, this club is really a unique organization. In the opinion of the club officials, the club has got an open ambiance and claimed that the management encourages the free and open flow of communications. If the officials are to be believed, Sherman is aware of the latest consequences and the happenings. As it was reported by the majority of the sports journalists, Seallte holds the plan to include a quality player, along with picking a new draft for a significant amount as a deal for Sherman. However, the club officials never came up with any statement in this regard as on date.

Once Sherman expressed his intention to move to the trading table, situations have changed to a large extent. Within a span of a fortnight, on 3 different occasions, the top club officials and the coach expressed it very clearly that they have placed Sherman on the trading table. With just 3 weeks left prior to the draft, the most highly discussed issue in the circuit is about Shermn’s future. Obviously, people are speculating about the teams who might express their interest in Sherman, the probable figure for the trade, and most importantly, if Seattle would eventually make this deal.

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