Celtics One Win Away

Celtics One Win Away


Celtics One Win Away


After last night’s victory, the Celtics are now one win away from moving on to the second round of the NBA playoffs. Boston was able to take down the Bulls with a score of 108-97 in TD Garden.

Scoring duties were evenly dispersed throughout the team last night. Isaiah Thomas had 24 points, but was not the only one to lead the C’s. Avery Bradley had the same number of points on a much more efficient night shooting. Bradley shot nearly 60% from the field including two threes. To help with the scoring, Al Horford was put up 18 points. It’s good to see Horford contributing more and more each game. If the Celtics want to make a deep run, Horford will need to put up more games like this.

On the Bulls side of the ball, they looked lost without Rondo once again. Only two players had a positive plus/minus that played over ten minutes. Even still, they were only plus one. The only player that finished with an impressive stat line was Dwayne Wade who finished a couple of assists short of a triple-double. Unfortunately, his efficiency was another story. Shooting under 40% isn’t necessarily a positive trait. One of the biggest disparities in stats was turnovers. The Bulls had 16 while the Celtics finished with only 6. It doesn’t matter who your point guard, if you have ten more turnovers than your opponent, it makes it difficult to win.

Game 6 will have the series going back to Chicago. It is still unclear if Rondo will be back, but things aren’t looking good if he isn’t back.

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