Clippers Eliminated Once Again In Pierce's Last Game

Clippers Eliminated Once Again In Pierce's Last Game


Clippers Eliminated Once Again In Pierce's Last Game


The Los Angeles Clippers were eliminated last night by the Utah Jazz, 104-91. This marks the 6th year in a row the Clips have made the playoffs, but in that time they have never reached the conference finals. Last night’s game was less about the Jazz winning and more about the Clippers once again failing in the playoffs. Lost in all this was the final game of Paul Pierce.

In his final game in the NBA, Paul Pierce played 21 minutes and scored 6 points. This is a far cry from his days in Boston, where he made 10 All-Star teams and 3 time All-NBA. He was the most important player for one of the most legendary franchises for nearly 13 seasons. He brought an NBA championship back to Boston in 2008 with the help of Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett. When fans remember Paul Pierce, no one will think of his last few years in the league where he lingered on various teams. They will instead remember his legacy and the love he had for the city of Boston.

The big question following last night’s game is what will happen to the Clippers organization. Blake Griffin is a free agent this off season and its undetermined whether or not the Clips will take him back. He is asking for a $200 million dollar contract, which is risky considering his history of injury. Chris Paul is getting older, and is still trying to get a championship after being one of the most dominant point guards in the past decade. Will he go ring chasing? I would. Lastly, their coach Doc Rivers could be on the chopping block. There is speculation he could take the open Orlando GM position and leave the Clippers. It should be an interesting off season for LA, but we will be sure to stay tuned.

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