Warriors Come Back After Leonard's Injury

Warriors Come Back After Leonard's Injury


Warriors Come Back After Leonard's Injury


It was a tale of two halves last night in the opening game of the Western Conference Finals. At one point in the game, the Warriors found themselves staring down the barrel of a 25 point deficit. With disaster looming on the Warriors’ home court, the situation was looking grim. But just a few minutes into the third quarter, Kawhi Leonard rose up for a jump shot and landed on Zaza Pachulia’s foot, twisting his ankle. With Leonard out for the remainder of the game, this led to an 18-0 run by the Warriors.

Forget whether or not the play was dirty or not, losing a lead that large in the second half of a game is difficult. Everything had to go right for the Warriors, which of course it did. Steph Curry showed why he is still the scariest offensive player in the game as he dropped 40 points with 7 three pointers. He shot just above 50% and led Golden State to the victory. Kevin Durant was no slouch either, scoring 34 points on 11-21 shooting. This game shows just how much firepower they have with the players on their roster.

It has recently been ruled that Kawhi Leonard will be out for game 2 due to his ankle injury. No news yet on the extent of the injury however. If Kawhi is unable to go at 100% it will be a tough series for San Antonio.

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