What do New NFL Rules Mean for Patriots?

What do New NFL Rules Mean for Patriots?


What do New NFL Rules Mean for Patriots?


Roger Goodell sent out a letter to NFL fans on Tuesday afternoon regarding rule changes. The letter addresses the most recent changes the NFL has made to improve both viewer and player experience(s). Players are again allowed to celebrate after touchdowns. Celebrations in recent years have been restricted and often penalized. Now players can celebrate as a group, use the ball as a prop, and celebrate on the ground.

The Patriots roster contains a cast of colorful characters including Rob Gronkowski and Julian Edelman. In the height of the era of the No Fun League Gronk made famous the “Gronk Spike”. Patriots fans should expect him to continue to do the famous spike, but we can also hope to see other variations of the move.

The Patriots receiving core are not strangers to the end-zone. Julian Edelman and co-star Danny Amendola participate in their fair share of shenanigans off the field. The two had fun making a video last year dressing up as cops. Their creativity combined with their energy and enthusiasm on the field should provide fans plenty of end-zone entertainment throughout the season.

New to the Patriots is wide receiver Brandin Cooks. Cooks spent the last few years as a member of the Saints where his bow and arrow celebration became iconic. The league’s new rule still prohibits offensive demonstrations. We’ll have to wait and see whether Cooks will use the celebration, and whether or not the league will find it to be an offensive demonstration.

What is for certain is that the NFL is slowly moving away from the “No Fun”. Players will have more freedom of expression this year, and that will create a spectacle that fans will love to watch.


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