Oakland Raiders: Comparing Derek Carr to Aaron Rodgers

Comparing Derek Carr to Aaron Rodgers

Oakland Raiders: Comparing Derek Carr to Aaron Rodgers

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Oakland Raiders: Comparing Derek Carr to Aaron Rodgers


How does Raiders QB Derek Carr compare to the Packers signal-caller Aaron Rodgers?

Oakland Raiders tight end Jared Cook recently compared his new quarterback Derek Carr to the man he caught passes from in Green Bay, Aaron Rodgers. Knowledge, awareness and athletic ability were some of the comparisons Cook made between the two quarterbacks via Silver and Black Pride.

Cook is hardly the first one to make this comparison. Former Raiders and Packers receiver James Jones made a similar comparison between Carr and Rodgers in 2014. Jones called Carr “Mini A-Rod” as early as minicamp. The two-time Packers receiver and one-time Raiders pass-catcher said Carr had the pocket presence and professionalism that reminded him of Rodgers, per NFL.com.

Granted, it might be early to compare Carr to one of the league’s greatest quarterbacks. The third-year Raiders quarterback has not even appeared in a postseason game yet. Meanwhile, Rodgers has already won a Super Bowl and two AP NFL MVPs.

Still, Carr surpassed Rodgers for career fourth-quarter comebacks as of November 2016.

Both players had nearly identical regular seasons in 2015, per Fox Sports. Both players are also California natives. Plus, neither Carr or Rodgers were the first quarterback selected in their respective NFL Drafts.

On the other hand, Rodgers did not play in his first three seasons. Carr did enter his rookie season starting. Thus, there is no apples-to-apples comparison to the two players’ first three seasons. Carr easily wins that debate.

You must compare Rodgers’ first six seasons, which includes his first three seasons as a full-time starter, to Carr’s first three seasons for a better comparison. In that case, Rodgers has more touchdowns, about 1,500 more passing yards, a four percent higher completion percentage, a 10.5 points higher QB rating and five more games won.

However, Carr has one less interception, 53 fewer sacks and 13 more completions. Rodgers again gets the edge in rushing with 14 more rushing touchdowns and 626 more rushing yards. Either way, the Carr to Rodgers comparison is not too off base.

Last season, Pro Football Focus rated Carr as the sixth best quarterback with an 87 accumulative grade. Rodgers was the No. 3 quarterback with a 93.3 overall grade from the same subscription service. Thus, they are not too far apart given that Rodgers 33-years-old and Carr is only age 25.

Further, Football Outsiders ranked Rodgers sixth in total value among quarterbacks and Carr seventh in the same category. For value per play, F.O. ranked Carr No. 6 and Rodgers No. 8. Therefore, both quarterbacks were equally valuable for the 2016 season.

Ultimately, comparing Carr to Rodgers is not too crazy. Both players are comparable in statistics and advanced statistics. Their first three seasons as a starter and latest seasons are comparable.

Remember, Carr also got an earlier start to his franchise quarterback gig. As long as-as the Oakland Raiders keep winning, there is no reason Carr cannot surpass the greatness of Rodgers.







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