2017 NBA Draft: Phoenix Suns Select Josh Jackson

2017 NBA Draft: Phoenix Suns Select Josh Jackson


2017 NBA Draft: Phoenix Suns Select Josh Jackson


With the fourth pick in the 2017 NBA Draft, the Phoenix Suns select Josh Jackson, F, Kansas


Player: Josh Jackson entered the season in contention for the top overall pick, and he entered the draft in the same position. With a never-slowing motor, Jackson is a whirlwind on the court defensively, with quick hands and a determination to never let his opponent score. His ball-handling and playmaking speak to a strong transition game as Jackson will be able to take rebounds and push the ball immediately. While he hit a decent percentage of long-range shots at Kansas, his mechanics are broken and no one knows how he will shoot at the next level. His floor is high, but his ceiling is lower than other prospects as well. A popular best-case scenario tossed around is Andre Iguodala, a Finals MVP who could never be the best player on a title team.


Fit: Josh Jackson landed with the team that most needed his services. His strengths are defense and passing, and the Suns needed a player who could bring both of these strengths to the table. With Devin Booker as the team’s other young star, Jackson can come in and set the tone defensively. He will be a perfect fit for their up-tempo offense as well. With a loaded backcourt the Suns were the team in the top-10 that didn’t need Dennis Smith Jr. either. Jonathan Isaac is a better defensive prospect but doesn’t bring the same attitude that the Suns can use. This was a strong use of the pick.


Grade: B+

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