Should Celtics Fans Be Happy About How The Draft Went Last Night?

Should Celtics Fans Be Happy About How The Draft Went Last Night?


Should Celtics Fans Be Happy About How The Draft Went Last Night?


I may have gotten a little to wrapped up in hoping the Celtics could turn the number three pick into an All Star addition. Looking back on last nights draft though, I feel like the green did okay. Not great, but okay. For a recap of each pick, check out Austin Brucks latest article.

In two recent polls on our Twitter page, you guys picked out exactly what the Celtics would do come draft day. Of the 74% of you who thought that Boston should keep the pick, 46% of you thought that they should use the pick to select Jayson Tatum. I think it’s safe to say that the majority of our followers are happy with the results of the draft.

Second year Celtic guard Demetrius Jackson also seemed pleased with the selections that were made last night too. He tweeted out at 12:20 am the he thinks “Summer league is going to be fun”. And fun it will be. The Celtics roster is filled with young players with loads of potential to be great in the future.

Many of the prospects will find themselves playing a majority of their time next season with Celtics D-League affiliate the Maine Red Claws, who are definitely happy the Celtics are adding more young talent. Two former Red Claw players who see consistent time in Boston are Marcus Smart and Avery Bradley. It may have taken these two a little while to develop into the players they are today. However, it’s proof that all the young Celtics players have the potential to make huge improvements to their game even if they don’t dawn a green uniform next season.

History has proven that guys taken at the top of the draft can falter, and that players like IT, taken last, can become some of the best in the game. We can’t know for sure what these four new guys will look like when they hit the floor in an NBA game. Only time will be able to tell us that if this draft was good or great for the Celtics, but for now we can say for certain the nobody should be disappointed.


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