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Report: Darren Pang offered less money, may leave Fox Sports Midwest

Darren Pang may not be one of the voices of the St. Louis Blues in 2017-18. Pang, who is currently looking for a new contract with Fox Sports Midwest as his previous deal expired at the end of 2016-17, is a bit frustrated that the negotiating process has taken as long as it has. In addition, he’s also not pleased that the new offer extended his way was for less money than the deal he just enjoyed over the past five seasons.

Here’s a better look at the details, via STLToday:

“Talks were going a little slowly,” he said Thursday. “They have picked up in the last few days. That gives me hope I’ll return for my ninth year. But I thought this would get done sooner. That part is frustrating.”

What he also finds frustrating is that he says the initial offer was for less money than he made under his five-year deal that just ended. That’s when the compensation for everything he does is combined — his FSM salary plus what he is paid by the team for doing advertising work and making personal appearances. On that list is his popular “Panger Player of the Week” award he presents to a Blues player.

Details, as you might imagine, are vague. It’s not clear which party – the Blues or Fox Sports Midwest – is responsible for the offer coming in under Pang’s old deal.

Like any other free agent in hockey, Pang should evaluate all of the offers on the table and choose the one he thinks works the best for him. Blues fans will hope that means he stays in St. Louis, but based on the comments above, that would require an offer that represents a raise over the contract which just expired.

For what it’s worth, Pang went on to say he wants to end his career in St. Louis. He wants to continue covering the Blues as he has over the last several years. Combined with John Kelly, Pang represents one half of what many would consider one of the best broadcasting duos in hockey. Pang is widely respected around the hockey community and should have no issue finding a new position either at a national or on a team level.

With Fox Sports Midwest citing large ratings over the last couple seasons, the fact they may be willing to alter – or lose – a major part of their broadcast is pretty worrisome.

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