deGrom Makes The Math Look a Little Better

deGrom Makes The Math Look a Little Better


deGrom Makes The Math Look a Little Better


This game was probably closer than it should have been. First inning, Ben Lively (who I saw pitch against R.A. Dickey in Atlanta for a “Lively Dickey” matchup) was walking the house and Bob McClure came out to talk to him with the bases loaded and Ron Darling says something about getting ahead of the hitter. I tell my wife “this rook is going to throw a fastball on the first pitch so Wilmer Flores should be swinging at it if it’s in the right spot.” Lively threw the fastball, Flores swung on it, the Phillies got the double play to end the inning, and my wife was nice enough to nod as if she cared what the heck I was talking about. Everything was right on the money, except for the grand slam that Flores was supposed to hit.

The Phillies almost got out of a second inning jam with the help of another double play, and I’m thinking “you can’t give away this game … you just can’t.” But Lively walked Jacob deGrom, Curtis Granderson drove home a run with a hit to give the Mets the lead and it was off to the races with deGrom. Jacob was spectacular as he added to his all-star credentials with a seven inning masterpiece featuring 12 strikeouts, three hits, and one walk as the Mets defeated the Phillies 2-1 in a game which probably should have been 6-1, but I’m not going to quibble. With the Nationals losing big to the Cardinals at this point, the Mets will only be a little less than a million games back of the N.L. East leaders by the end of the night (unless Daniel Murphy somehow hits an eight run homer off Sean Gilmartin while Murphy pretends Gilmartin is still a Met.)

Terry Collins and Nelson Figueroa intimated after the game that it wasn’t his best outing as he was having trouble with his command, but he battled. I actually thought deGrom was better than that. If Brian O’Nora would have given him the outside corner against right handed hitters, that outing would have been completely dominant. That and a fluky fly ball by Andrew Knapp that Curtis Granderson lost in Mother Nature’s angry sky (and Ty Kelly driving Knapp in after that to start Kelly’s Daniel Murphy-like Phillies career) kept deGrom from approaching something really special on Thursday. In fact, when Lively went inside on deGrom as he was squaring to bunt, I thought deGrom was so angry that he was going to will his way to a no-hitter. But I guess Mother Nature is more fierce than the will of any mere mortal.

The Mets take on the Phillies again on Saturday, and it’s Asdrubal Cabrera bobblehead night. It’s also supposed to rain and you know what that means … that’s right! I have a ticket!!! Send me your medical bills that say “pneumonia” along with a ticket stub and I will pay your co-pay.

Today’s Hate List

  1. Andrew Knapp
  2. Cameron Rupp
  3. Ben Lively
  4. Shane Victorino
  5. Meteorologists

Legal disclaimer: I was kidding about paying your medical bills. You get sick, you’re on your own whether I accidentally bring the karma or not.

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