Getting ready for my first Tough Mudder

Getting ready for my first Tough Mudder

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Getting ready for my first Tough Mudder


As if doing two marathons and two triathlons in 2017, along with a ton of other road races (more on that in a future Squawk!) weren’t enough, I am planning on doing a Tough Mudder in Long Island on Saturday, July 22.  This might be one of my toughest challenges of the year!

A Tough Mudder combines 10 to 12 miles of running, along with over 20 obstacles. I’ve done two obstacle course races before (two Spartan Sprints at Citi Field) but they were only a 5K in distance.  So not only is this a very long race outside, combined with the obstacles, but there is something else I only experienced during a very rainy Staten Island Half Marathon — mud! Lots of mud — thus, the name!

I just looked at the map for this race, and I am thinking, “How the heck am I going to survive this?” Tons of walls, and climbing, and running, and mud. This looks pretty fierce. Obstacles like “Snot Rocket” and “Balls to the Wall” and “Arctic Enemy” are just some of the event’s highlights. They sound scary and hard — and fun! Hope I survive in one piece! At least the Long Island one is “only” 10 miles!

If you want to do a Tough Mudder as well that day, click here to sign up!



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