How Subway Squawkers invaded Yankee Stadium for the Subway Series

How Subway Squawkers invaded Yankee Stadium for the Subway Series


How Subway Squawkers invaded Yankee Stadium for the Subway Series


Squawker Jon and I got to attend Game 2 of this year’s Subway Series in a sweet suite and Yankee Stadium, thanks to the good folks at Dooney & Bourke. (More on them in a sec!)

This is the first time we’ve watched a game in a suite for a Yankee game at Yankee Stadium. (I have been in a suite there before for a soccer game.) The suite is pretty plush, with comfortable chairs to watch the game in, free beer and wine, and lots of food, which is much better than most of the YS food. My favorite thing was the fried shrimp.

We got to see Sonny (Pickles) Gray’s first game at Yankee Stadium. He pitched very well, although Joe Girardi should have pulled him once he hit 100 pitches. (We noticed that he gave up the homer to Dominic Smith shortly after the YES Network showed a graphic about how many pitches he had thrown, and that it was close to the maximum for this season!)

It was not a whole lot of action in the game, except for the homers (fun to see Jacoby Ellsbury’s and Gary Sanchez’s homers up close!) But  we had a great view of the game, and it was fun to be there. Not a whole lot in the back and forth of the Let’s Go Yankees/Let’s Go Mets chants, but we heard a bit. And the guests in the suite were about evenly split between Yankees and Mets fans.

After the Sanchez homer, I went to high-five a woman in the front row who was very excited. It turns out it was our friend Bernadette from Lady at the Bat! Very cool to finally meet her in person after all this time.

Dooney & Bourke, our hosts for the night, make handbags and wallets, and they have a deal with Major League Baseball to make products with team logos. What is cool about their items is that they didn’t do the cliched “shrink it and pink it” when it comes to women’s items. All of their products are really cool-looking, as you can see in this photo! You can check out more of the products here.

We also each got a goody bag from Dooney & Bourke, containing this bag. This bag is perfect for me — I can keep my essentials in it and put this in my gym bag when I go out for the day. Squawker Jon also got one with a Mets logo (this style of bag is technically unisex!)

Anyhow, it was a fun evening. Thanks to our hosts for having us!


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