Is New Zealand More Than Just Rugby?

Is New Zealand More Than Just Rugby?

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Is New Zealand More Than Just Rugby?

Mention the words ‘All Blacks’ and most sports fans will instantly know that you are talking about New Zealand Rugby. In fact, even non-sports fans would know who the All Blacks are, that’s how good New Zealand rugby really is.

The All Blacks are one of the most feared international rugby nations in the world. Strong in defence and formidable on attack. The current All Black squad possess one of the strongest forward packs in the modern game, and their back line are fast, aggressive and extremely tactical. Their recent thrashing of the Wallabies (Australia’s equally formidable national squad) with a 54-34 win is proof of this assessment.

Be that as it may, what about other sports in New Zealand, or is brilliant rugby the only string in the country’s bow? More and more attention has been focused on New Zealand over the past few years, which makes one wonder what else this proud rugby nation has to offer.

New Zealand Sport and Culture, the Bigger Picture

New Zealand is a sporting nation that takes pride in all their sporting endeavours, with just about as much enthusiasm as they do their national rugby side. There is certainly a warrior culture in the country, thanks to their Maori heritage which threads its way through everything New Zealand. Whether its rugby, cricket, netball, football (soccer), motorsport, athletics or any other sport, you can bet Kiwis pack a punch and go for gold, every time!

However, you can also find a lot more than just great sporting action in NZ. Kiwis love other activities just as much, after all, this is the land of extreme sports. This is where the radical sport of bungee jumping was born. It’s also where the blockbusters The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings were filmed. Adventure tourism is one of New Zealand’s biggest earners, with plenty of rugged terrain to explore featuring extensive and challenging mountain ranges.

Kiwis also love to put a few dollars on the horse, or the greyhounds even. They love sports betting since it combines their passion for gambling with the excitement of gambling online. Speaking of gambling online, according to NZOnlineCasinos, New Zealand online casinos are booming right now, with hundreds of Kiwi-focused options to choose from on the web. Online casinos allow Kiwi’s to try their hand at top rated video slot games, traditional casino games like blackjack and roulette and much more. Spectacularly in 2016, New Zealand player Rawiri Pou managed to hit the online jackpot Mega Moolah and win 10.1 million NZD proving that playing online for real money can mean big money.

Visitors to New Zealand’s capital Auckland can also checkout the country’s very own slice of a full blown Las Vegas-style casino. SkyCity Auckland Casino is open 24 hours a day, every day of the week and provides world-class casino gaming opportunities, both to locals and international visitors. In fact, the casino more than its fair share of international high rollers and celebrities coming through its doors in recent months.

The boom for New Zealand gaming and adventure tourism is certainly on and their casino is a great way to kick off the trip of a lifetime. The casino boasts close to two thousand gaming machines (slots) as well as over one hundred gaming tables featuring baccarat, blackjack, poker and roulette. Visitors can also enjoy world-class cuisine and a wide selection of drinks while playing. After hitting the casino, visitors can look forward to the vibrant Auckland nightlife, or catching a Super Rugby game, if their team The Blues are in town. Without a doubt, there is plenty to do and see in the Land of the Long White Cloud and New Zealand is most certainly a great deal more than just one of the best ever international rugby teams.

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