It's time to test-drive the new Eagles model at FedExField

It's time to test-drive the new Eagles model at FedExField


It's time to test-drive the new Eagles model at FedExField


I will have one EYE on this game and the other EYE on Irma… may the Eagles sizzle while Irma fizzles.

To break the recent spell of Redskins’ power over the Eagles, I thought it might be helpfully different to get some pre-game quotes from the Redskins going into this one, since we have pretty much covered all the Eagles’ bases regarding game preparation:

“Anytime you play a division opponent it’s going to be crazy. We got a stacked division. I feel like every team is good, everybody is in the hunt for it, so guys are going out there and it’s personal, you know what I mean? You got to love it, man, that’s what football’s about: physicality at its finest, go make plays and hit somebody in the mouth.”

          — Linebacker Mason Foster, on his excitement to play the Eagles

“I think the guys have been working hard in the OTAs and training camp and in the preseason games. I know they didn’t get a lot of reps as a first unit, but overall I think with the practices that we’ve had and with the prep time we’ve had in this coming week for Philly, I’m excited about what’s going to happen this weekend.”

          — Defensive coordinator Greg Manusky, on expectations for the ‘Skins’ defense

“We’ve just to go out there and play. Once we take the tendencies and the percentages and stuff, at the same time you’ve just got to go out there and play with what you see. You can’t just go out there and guess.”

          — Linebacker Zach Brown, on Philadelphia’s offense

“I mean, we’re excited. Everybody’s anxious. The opener is always one of the most anticipated games of the year, because, you get the schedule early in the offseason and you’re just looking forward to that date the whole time, so it’s finally here, it kind of feels like Christmas is around the corner.”

          — Left tackle Trent Williams, on the season opener

“It’s imperative that we go out and we stay balanced, both in the air and on the ground because in order for any team to win, you have to be able to do both. I feel like we have all the guys in this locker room, on this team, to do that. The coaching staff believes in us, we believe in the coaching staff, so we just have to go out there and execute and make sure that we’re doing our job, handling our assignment and play for each other.”

           — Tight end Vernon Davis, on executing on Sunday

“There certainly isn’t a better way to start the season than with a win. There are a lot of emotions in Week 1. It is always a balance of not revving too much, but also not falling asleep, and you have got to find that balance. And certainly Week 1, I think a tendency for me tends to be that you’re a little too revved up. So, just try to find a way to stay calm, process, not get too excited or worked up to still be able to be accurate and go through my reads and not rush anything.”

           — Quarterback Kirk Cousins, on his emotions during the season opener

“I don’t really have that much to say other than start your engines. Let’s go. I’m ready, man.”

           — Cornerback Josh Norman, on the season starting

That’s it—start your engines, gentlemen!

Vegas has the Eagles favored by 1.5 points, by the way.

Looking for a new live game Eagles thread?

Our regular commentator and home-run king Ryan Lubrich (aka The Lubricator, aka GSXR Mustang) has created an alternative chat forum for in-game real-time conversation.

It’s on a site called Here’s a link to his interesting new talk machine if you wish to give it a look:

As Ryan explains, it’s like a chat channel, primarily used by like-gamers who stream on Twitch, but he figured we might be able to use it for gameday chats. I have found it to be very functional and very entertaining. It took me a few minutes to get the hang of some of the buttons and bells, but after a short while I was zooming along with the other EYE guys and Bored members there talking Eagles football.

Here’s to a big win in D.C. for the Birds and a safe outcome for all our fans in harm’s way of Irma.


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