Jacoby Ellsbury Sets Untouchable Record

Jacoby Ellsbury Sets Untouchable Record

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Jacoby Ellsbury Sets Untouchable Record


Baseball is a game of numbers.






Each one conjures up a memory…an image in your mind as to what they mean or who they stand for. Now, regardless whether or not you believe some of them need to be accompanied by an asterisk…wait. Hold on.

30? What in the world does 30 represent?!?


That’s right, thanks to a fourth inning flub by Wilson Ramos of the Tampa Bay Rays Monday night, Jacoby Ellsbury reached base for the 30th time as the result of catcher’s interference and that, my friend, is a new record.

The old record holder? None other than Pete Rose.

Coincidentally, Ellsbury did the deed 32 years to the day Rose became baseball’s hit king. Even better…the New York Yankees outfielder also did it on his 34th birthday.

But don’t feel too bad for Rose, it’s likely all his other records are safe. For now.


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